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Admittedly a little obsessed with making lists, I was looking at the cast of Little Dorrit and noticing how many familiar faces popped up that I recognized from other period films, sooooo...

Here's a list of some of the actors from Little Dorrit and their previous period films

...so far I've counted 116!!!
[thanks to feedback from others]

(If anyone would like to challenge Little Dorrit
in this "contest" of number of period films
and their score of 113,
feel free to do so!)

This gorgeous wallpaper can be found at Fields of Green

I'll begin with Robert Hardy who has been more productive in his career (with 26 period films) than Mr. Barnacle ever was at the Circumlocution Office!

Robert Hardy
Margaret, Harry Potter, Agatha Christie, Le grand Charles, Bertie and Elizabeth, Shackleton, The Lost World, The 10th Kingdom, An Ideal Husband, Mrs Dalloway, Gulliver's Travels, Sense & Sensibility, Frankenstein, Middlemarch, All Creatures Great and Small, War and Remembrance, The Woman He Loved, Northanger Abbey, The Shooting Party, Zany Adventures of Robin Hood, The Cleopatras, Winston Churchill**, Twelfth Night, Elizabeth R, Daniel Deronda (same role that Hugh Bonneville played in later version), David Copperfield
[**Hardy has played Churchill in 5 different films]

Matthew Macfadyen
Robin Hood, Pillars of the Earth, Enid Blyton, Marple: A Pocket Full of Rye,
Frost/Nixon, P&P, Way We Live Now, Enigma, Wuthering Heights

Tom Courtenay
The Golden Compass, Nicholas Nickleby, The Old Curiosity Shop,
Let Him Have It, Doctor Zhivago

Alan Armstrong
Garrow's Law, Filth, Bleak House, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield,
Sleepy Hollow, Onegin, Aristocrats, Braveheart, Black Beauty

Judy Parfitt
Dean Spanley, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Ever After,
Berkeley Square, Pride and Prejudice

Eddie Marsan
Sherlock Holmes, 39 Steps, Me and Orson Welles, The Illusionist,
The New World, Beowulf & Grendel, The Last Hangman, Vera Drake,
Charles II, Gangs of New York,
The Emperor's New Clothes, Crime and Punishment

Andy Serkis
Freezing Time, Inkheart, Einstein & Eddington, LOTR,
Longford, King Kong, Oliver Twist, Topsy Turvy

James Fleet
Cock and Bull Story, Phantom of the Opera, Two Men Went to War, Young Arthur, Charlotte Gray,
The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything, A Dance to the Music of Time,
The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders, Sense and Sensibility

Bill Paterson
Miss Potter, Amazing Grace, Bright Young Things, Doctor Zhivago, Wives & Daughters, Sunshine,
Hilary and Jackie, Chaplin,The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The Killing Fields

Pam Ferris
Within the Whirlwind, Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, Pollyanna, Nicholas Nickleby,
The Turn of the Screw, Our Mutual Friend, Middlemarch

Harriet Walter
From Time to Time, Cheri, The Young Victoria, Ballet Shoes, Atonement, Onegin,
The Governess, Dance to the Music of Time, George Eliot, Macbeth,
Sense & Sensibility, Dorothy Sayers Mysteries

Ron Cook
Loyalty and Duty, Sharpe's Honour

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  1. What an interesting post. I always notice a few too, but not as many as you do. ;-)

  2. Judy was also in Pride and Prejudice (1985)she was lady Catherine

  3. Ana, I was surprised too when I started looking them up! I'd love for someone else to do a list for the cast of Cranford, or Bleak House or one of the other films with a large ensemble cast.

    Thanks to Anon. for mentioning Judy!

  4. Ron Cook, the elder Mr. Chivery also appeared in two of the Hornblower miniseries films (Loyalty and Duty) as Doughty the steward and was in Sharpe's Honour as Napoleon.

  5. Very interesting - I always love to spot which other period dramas actors have appeared in, though often I can't remember! Harriet Walter also starred as Harriet Vane with Edward Petherbridge as Lord Peter Wimsey in a number of Dorothy Sayers Mysteries, which I'd definitely recommend.

  6. Thanks for mentioning those connections!



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