Romola Garai

I'm elated with the news that Romola has been cast in the upcoming 4 hour BBC series of
Jane Austen's Emma.
As far as I'm concerned, this girl hits the target! and I can't wait to see her portrayal of Emma Woodhouse with her father being portrayed by another fave of mine, Michael Gambon. The role of Knightley goes to Jonny Lee Miller who I thought was a very charming Edmund playing opposite Frances O'Connor in Mansfield Park (1999).

This role will be Romola's 14th period film earning her a prominent place in my Hall of Fame. She'll also be in the upcoming films: Flying Into Love (2009) as Jackie Kennedy and 1939. I first saw her in Daniel Deronda (image on right) and if you haven't seen it yet, why not?????

Romola is also attached to the project Nova Scotia which is reported to begin filming this year but not certain if it's still going ahead.

I was surprised to learn that she auditioned for some of the same roles as her friend Kiera Knightley. (article here) Thanks to the Baroness for the update and making my day!

Romola's other films...

King Lear (2008)

Atonement (2007)

Angel (2007)

Amazing Grace (2006)

As You Like It (2006)

Mary Bryant (2005)

Vanity Fair (2004)

I Capture the Castle (2003)

Nicholas Nickleby (2002)

The Last of the Blonde Bombshells (2000)
(she plays the younger Judi Dench)

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Results of quiz taken Spring 2009
150 people answered

"Which of Romola Garai's films have you seen?"
95 (63%) Vanity Fair
91 (60%) Atonement
89 (59%) Daniel Deronda
80 (53%) Nicholas Nickleby
79 (52%) Amazing Grace
61 (40%) I Capture the Castle
47 (31%) Dirty Dancing: Havana
37 (24%) As You Like It
33 (22%) Mary Bryant
29 (19%) Angel
13 (8%) Inside I'm Dancing
0 (0%) The Other Man


  1. I didn't know that she's made all this period movies. I've only seen Vanity Fair. Now I am interested in watching others. Thank you

  2. I love, love, love Romola Garai in all the films I've her in.

    But Emma? Hmmmm? I'm having a really hard time seeing it (and I really can't say I like any of the other actresses who have played the role either). Jonny Lee Miller, too, is a stretch. So not a Mr. Knightly in my eyes.

    But, I will, of course see it and maintain an open mind. But you know, what I would really prefer to see is someone tackle a truly faithful adaptation of Mansfield Park. Emma (along with P&P) have both been done to death. Someone really needs to make a Mansfield Park that we can write home about.

  3. I'm not as put off by the idea of Jonny as many seem to be. Hopefully, he'll enchant us all.

    I quite enjoyed Mansfield Park with Frances O'Connor but then again, I haven't read the novel to compare. I'm refusing however, to watch MP with Billie...

  4. oooo romola garai I really love her !!
    do see her performance in Glorious 39 ?
    i love this movie.

  5. I didn't realize Romola and Keira were friends, but it's not surprising. I hate to say it but I believe Romola Garai is the better actress versus Keira Knightley. Romola is much more natural and subtle in the way she emotes, pulling in the audience with a stronger connection. Despite award nominations, Keira's acting performances have been underwhelming and rather wooden to occasionally bad. Though she is stunning and seems quite intelligent and likable, it isn't enough to explain why Hollywood keeps giving her lead roles. My hope is that Romola eventually gets the recognition she deserves. And after having watched her Emma, I'm all the more confident she will succeed.



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