Photos from the set of BBC's new Emma

~ I was just thinking what it was like when I used to sit down to watch a movie for the first time not knowing anything about it, save for a basic plot outline. Fast forward to the present when we hear news about the plans for the production (We offer our opinions as to who should be cast and suffer the disappointment when the BBC
ignores our pleas for Mr. Armitage) We gobble up the news about who has been cast before shooting begins, and now we get a sneak peek at pictures from on the set courtesy of those who are kind enough to share them with us!

I've heard some rumblings about those unhappy with the casting of Romola but personally seeing this pic of her gives me joy!

Now to wait for some glimpses of the new Mr. Knightley!
In the meantime I'll enjoy this earlier pic of him on the right..

(I still think Jodhi looks too young to be her governess)

On another note, thanks to "CW" at C19 for sharing her stories with us of her two days spent hanging out near the set of "Emma". I now have a cute image in my head of Rupert Evans exhibiting his boyish charm while rejoicing over the sight of sweets. I was also amused by the account of the two gentlemen who walked onto the set without regard to filming being underway and just waited for the set people to move the props to allow them into own house which was behind the set. I also got a sense of all the time and effort and the number of people involved in staging a production like this! From CW's account, there seemed to be a general sense of camaraderie among the cast and crew which was wonderful to hear and I think by her account, the moral of the story is: Never underestimate the power of candy!

Romola on set...
Rupert Evans (in gold vest)

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  1. This is great! Thanks for posting the pictures. I'm now more eager than ever to see this production. Judy

  2. I'm plenty eager! I think I'm going to have to try and not get consumed with the lead up to this and just be patient till it is completed. There seems to be a lot riding on this drama since BBC made their announcement.

  3. Wow! Love, LOVE the costumes! Thanks for posting. :-)

  4. I'm getting very excited about this new Emma, which is one of my favorite Austen novels anyway.

    BTW, I have awarded your site the One Lovely Blog award. Visit my site for details...and yours is definitely "One Lovely Blog!"



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