John Adams

John Adams is an Emmy and Golden Globe winning 2008 American television miniseries, chronicling most of President John Adams's adult life and his role in the founding of the United States. The role of John Adams is played by Paul Giamatti. The biopic of John Adams and the story of the first fifty years of the United States, based on the book by David McCullough, was broadcast in seven parts by HBO in 2008. John Adams received generally positive reviews, and many prestigious awards. As of 2009, the show has won more Emmy awards, (thirteen), than any other miniseries, and four Golden Globe awards.

As a Canadian not well versed in American politics, I found this series to an insightful look into the early years of the founding of the United States. I was amused by Tom Wilkinson's portrayal of Ben Franklin, enchanted by Stephen Dillane's Jefferson and thankful for Laura Linney's presence. Her portrayal of Abigail Adams seemed to hold the series together. She kept her husband centred and I was impressed with her own story and that of their children. Perhaps the series could be renamed "The Adams Family"? I couldn't help but think that Tom Hanks and Paul Giamatti had a bet as to how uncomely they could portray Adams and his wigs seemed to get more horrid with each new style. I've posted my favourite screencaps and chosen some of the prettier shots to make up for all the plain shots of Adams and his cohorts. Call me shallow...

Paul Giamatti - John Adams
(The Illusionist, Cinderella Man)

Laura Linney -Abigail Adams
(Kinsey, House of Mirth)

Tom Wilkinson -Ben Franklin
(Girl with a Pearl Earring, Shakespeare in Love)

Stephen Dillane as Thomas Jefferson
(King Arthur, Cazalets, The Hours)

Sarah Polley - Nabby Adams
( Road to Avonlea)

David Morse (George Washington)

Rufus Sewell - Alexander Hamilton
(Amazing Grace, Middlemarch, Tristan & Isolde)

Guy Henry (Jonathon Sewell)
(Lost in Austen, retelling of Pride and Prejudice)

Mamie Gummer - Sally Smith Adams
(Evening with her mom Meryl Streep)

Tom Hollander - King George III
(Pride and Prejudice, Lost Prince, Gosford Park, Wives & Daughters)

The painting of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence,
done with artistic license that irritated John Adams as shown in the series.

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