Emma (2009)

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EMMA will be on PBS, January 24/2010 in 3 parts.
Jan. 24th (2 hours), and Jan. 31st and Feb. 7th (1 hour ea).

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Following article taken from the BBC Press Office:

Romola Garai, Jonny Lee Miller, Michael Gambon, Tamsin Greig, Robert Bathurst and Jodhi May will star in Sandy Welch's four-part adaptation of Austen's comic masterpiece Emma, a BBC Drama Production for BBC One, it was announced today.

Romola Garai (Atonement, Daniel Deronda) stars as the "handsome, clever and rich" Emma Woodhouse.

The drama follows the dire consequences of Emma's failed matchmaking schemes in this witty, clever comedy of realisation and self-discovery.

Michael Gambon (Cranford, Gosford Park) plays Emma's affectionate, neurotic father who unusually allows her to be mistress of their household.

Jonny Lee Miller (Byron, Eli Stone, Trainspotting) plays Mr Knightley, Emma's shrewd and attractive neighbour, whose strength of character is in sharp contrast to her father, providing a welcome counterpart to the headstrong protagonist.

Jodhi May (Einstein And Eddington, Friends And Crocodiles) plays Miss Taylor, Emma's former governess who marries the good-humoured Mr Weston played by Robert Bathurst (Cold Feet, White Teeth, My Dad's The Prime Minister).

Tamsin Greig (The Diary Of Anne Frank, Green Wing) plays the incessantly chatty, well-meaning Miss Bates whose poverty draws the pity and goodwill of all of Highbury.

Jane Fairfax, the beautiful and talented but quiet niece of Miss Bates, hides a dark, romantic secret beneath her polished exterior.

Emma will be screened in serial form for the first time since the Seventies.

BAFTA-winning Sandy Welch (Our Mutual Friend, Jane Eyre, North And South) has brought a fresh, witty and perceptive take on a timeless tale. The four hour-long episodes give Welch a chance to provide a rich insight into one of Austen's most complex characters.

It has been created by BBC Drama Production for transmission on BBC One in Autumn 2009.

Filming begins next week in Kent.

First of all, I'm thrilled that Sandy Welch is behin
d the project since she's brought us great adaptations already. Now that I know Romola has been cast as Emma, I'm anticipating it even more. I can envision her in that role and look forward to her interpretation of Miss Woodhouse. As for Sir Michael Gambon, I fell in love with him as Squire Hamley (Wives and Daughters, etc) so I'm hoping they increase the scenes for Mr Woodhouse.The casting of Jonny Lee Miller seems to be less than welcome but I did enjoy his portrayal of Edmund (Mansfield Park) and think he could pull off George Knightley with enough charm to convince the naysayers. I thought Jodhi May was too young to portray Miss Taylor but am curious to see her nonetheless. (Jodhi and Romola both played love interests of Daniel Deronda, so they seem close in age? I guess Jodhi is 7 years older)

CC the administrator at C19 is reporting that the Eltons are to be played by Blake Ritson (Edmund in Mansfied Park 2007) and Christina Cole (Lost in Austen, Jane Eyre) and Frank Churchill will be played by Rupert Evans (Frederick in North and South). I think Blake will bring something new to the table and look forward to seeing his portrayal of Mr Elton. Unconfirmed as well is that Harriet will be played by Louise Dylan and Jane Fairfax will be played by Laura Pyper.

Christina Cole was sweet as Nora (He Knew He was Right), conniving as Blanche (Jane Eyre) and manipulative as Caroline Bingley (Lost in Austen). I was surprised to hear her name mentioned for Mrs Elton but pleased nonetheless. I only saw snippets of Rupert as Frederick but hope that he enchants before he betrays us as Frank!

Blake Ritson

Christina Cole

Rupert Evans

Louise Dylan

Laura Pyper


  1. Would have much rather seen Richard Armitage play Knightley. The guy they cast is too modern. He doesn't fit.

  2. I totally agree with the richard armitage comment, although i tend to think he should be in everything! If any important BBC execs ar watching then please, please, PLEASE do an adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier's Jamaica In and put him in!

  3. Sarah, I'm surprised you think Jonny Lee Miller is too modern since he already played in Mansfield Park. I found I had to adjust my thinking to see him as modern in Eli Stone :)

    Tess, I DO wish that the BBC would listen, what are they waiting for??

  4. Tess, I am 100% percent behind you about Jamaica Inn - it's one of my favourite books and they haven't done a version of it for ages. And as for Richard Armitage, he has got just the right brooding qualities to pull the role of Joss Merlyn off!
    And Sarah I agree about Johnny Lee Miller - he looks too young aswell. Knightley is supposed to be about 16 years older than Emma! Oh well, I'm sure Tamsin Greig will be hilarious as Miss Bates though.

  5. I'm VERY excited that there will be another remake! I LOVE Romola Garai and Jodhi May. As for Jonny Lee Miller, I'm also a BIT apprehensive. He looks young and seems too jolly/happy for this role. Richard Armitage would've been GREAT for Mr. Knightley!

  6. I adore Jonny Lee Miller, and he's 37, so he's not all that young.
    He was breathtaking in THE FLYING SCOTSMAN, and should've been awarded for that role.
    I think he'll bring a special charisma to this BBC's project.

  7. Wonderful post! I agree with all RA's fans and supporters, of course. Though, I start liking the new Mr Knightley. He is always a Mr Knightley. We'll have "lots of Richard's" in a while, not in a costume drama, but in a very good modern TV series. So, now, I think we should try to enjoy the new Emma and its extraordinarily good cast, with no regrets.

  8. I'd love to watch Emma and I know it's on PBS but at what time on Sunday? I can't find that information anywhere! Thanks for the great post!

  9. Hi Scully, you should check your local listings to be sure but I think it airs at 9 p.m.!



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