2009 Poll results

After more than 9000 votes in the various categories,
here are the results...

Now someone might think the results have gone awry with Colin Firth only receiving 6% of the votes for Favourite Actor but with 57 men eligible for votes, and multiple votes allowed, Firth still came out on top! (With Alan Rickman in 2nd place). Mr. Darcy handily won Favourite Leading Man with Mr. John Thornton earning a respectable second place with Capt. Wentworth and Mr. Rochester not far behind.

Favourite actress votes saw "sisters" Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson running neck and neck along with Jennifer Ehle in a virtual three-way tie for first place. In the category of Favourite Leading Lady, however, Elizabeth Bennett was the easy leader over Elinor Dashwood (not much of a surprise). I would have liked to see Matty Wickham get at least one vote...

Willoughby and Wickham tied for Favourite Villain, followed by the new bad boy who women love: Guy of Gisbourne.

Scarlett O'Hara is still the definitive Social Climber, followed by Becky Sharp and Anne Boleyn.

Austen characters seem to have the monopoly on Favourite Snobs with Lady Catherine garnering the most votes, followed by Caroline Bingley and Fanny Dashwood.

Not much of a surprise for Favourite Quirky Character: Mr. Collins was the clear winner, with votes also going to Guppy (Bleak House) and Mr. Elton (Emma).

Another obvious winner is Jane Austen in Favourite Author of Period Dramas with runners-up Elizabeth Gaskell and Charles Dickens.

Favourite Quote by Austen gentleman: tie between Capt. Wentworth and Mr. Darcy

Favourite Dance Scene: Netherfield Ball is clearly first in people's minds, followed by the dance from Becoming Jane.

For the Movie Poll, I was not surprised to see P&P and S&S in the top two but I was disappointed to see that two of my favourite series landed in the bottom two! If you get a chance to see them, I highly recommend Lost Prince and Berkeley Square!

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Favourite leading men

Favourite leading ladies

Favourite villains

Favourite social climbers

Favourite snobs

Favourite quirky characters

Favourite author(s) of period dramas

Favourite dance scene

Favourite quotes by Jane Austen gentleman

Favourite actors

Favourite actresses

Movie Poll Results

Pride and Prejudice 277 (93%)
Sense and Sensibility 260 (87%)
Emma 254 (85%)
Little Women 239 (80%)
Jane Eyre 234 (78%)
Persuasion 231 (77%)
Sound of Music 230 (77%)
Titanic 230 (77%)
Mansfield Park 227 (76%)
My Fair Lady 214 (72%)
Becoming Jane 207 (69%)
Chronicles of Narnia 207 (69%)
Northanger Abbey 204 (68%)
Secret Garden 199 (67%)
Shakespeare in Love 197 (66%)
North and South 195 (65%)
Ever After 191 (64%)
Finding Neverland 186 (62%)
Moulin Rouge 175 (58%)
Anne of Green Gables 172 (57%)
Count of Monte Cristo 167 (56%)
Little House on the Prairie 164 (55%)
Knight's Tale 158 (53%)
Elizabeth 151 (50%)
Wives and Daughters 149 (50%)
Girl with Pearl Earring 148 (49%)
Room with a View 148 (49%)
Oliver Twist 143 (48%)
Amadeus 135 (45%)
Cranford 135 (45%)
Les Miserables 131 (44%)
Lost in Austen 117 (39%)
Tess of D'Urbervilles 114 (38%)
Other Boleyn Girl 114 (38%)
Bleak House 104 (35%)
Sarah, Plain and Tall 101 (34%)
Amazing Grace 97 (32%)
Daniel Deronda 95 (31%)
Love Comes Softly 83 (27%)
Road to Avonlea 82 (27%)
Forsyte Saga 78 (26%)
Our Mutual Friend 78 (26%)
Christy 68 (22%)
Way We Live Now 67 (22%)
Little Dorrit 58 (19%)
Buccaneers 55 (18%)
Aristocrats 35 (11%)
Lost Prince 26 (8%)
Berkeley Square 22 (7%)


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