Casualty (1900's)

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Casualty 1907
is a BBC TV 3-part historical medical drama set in 1907 at The London Hospital in the East End of London.
Casualty 1907 is a follow up series based on the pilot episode of Casualty 1906, which aired in December 2006. A second series of 3 more episodes: Casualty 1909 is set to air in May 2009 in UK.
Each one-hour episode uses case notes, ward reports, autopsy records and diaries to bring actual doctors, nurses and patients at The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, vividly back to life.

Pictured above (L-R): Charity Wakefield, Nicholas Farrell, Cherie Lunghi, William Houston, Sarah Smart

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Watch fan video from Casualty 1907 featuring Charity Wakefield and William Houston

Video from Casualty 1909

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Read about the real Dr. Millais Culpin

Barts and the London press release

Charity Wakefield is known for her role as Marianne Dashwood in 2008 Sense & Sensibility.

Nicholas Farrell has been in Chariots of Fire, Diary of Anne Frank, Amazing Grace, Mansfield Park (1983) and Persuasion (2008).

I loved Cherie Lunghi as Laura Testvalley in The Buccaneers.

William Houston has been in: Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Henry VII, Hamlet and North and South which is where I remembered seeing him.

Sarah Smart has been in Wuthering Heights and the loosely-updated adaptation of Sparkhouse. She's also been in David Copperfield, Poirot and Marple: They Do It with Mirrors

Tom Riley (Wickham from Lost in Austen) makes an appearance in Casualty 1906 and 1907.

Lydia Leonard (costarred with Rupert Penry-Jones in 39 Steps) appears in 1907,1909.

William Houston as John Boucher in N&S

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The following wallpapers can be found at
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  1. My great great aunt Alice Ennals worked at The London Hospital and began her training in 1900. Whilst looking through our family archives, I came across a signed photo of Matron Luckers that was with a newspaper article showing Alice's 100th birthday celebration.
    She died at 101 years of age.
    Stuart Hibberdine.

  2. How wonderful for you! Many have been curious to know the real stories of these doctors and nurses.



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