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Hall of Fame honours some of the people who show up in multiple dramas and seem to define this genre either on screen or behind the scenes.

It's all Relative ~ explores the family connections of husbands and wives who are in the business, actors that are related and keep popping up in period dramas.

Period Motivational Posters (tweaking P&P, North & South, and others...)

Look-alikes Having fun looking at those actors that could pass as relatives or is it just me that thinks so?

Six Degrees of Separation highlights those funny coincidences of how closely connected the actors are to each other.For instance, can you connect Helena Bonham Carter with Romola Garai?(2 degrees of separation with Charlotte Rampling as the common link...)

Austenbook: The plot of P&P told through a facebook news feed

My wishful thinking of a redesigned Canada

Matchmaking 101: 20 tips to snag a husband (lessons gleaned from period dramas)

Twelve little-known facts about Jane Austen humourous article in the London Telegraph

Pride and Prejudice Duo Speech Saw this on Ribbons of Light and think you might like to check it out if you haven't already seen this funny interpretation of Pride and Prejudice. Apparently, they are not allowed to touch or look at each other as they give their Duo Speech - I just get a kick out of their dancing!

Pride and Prejudice in "twitterspeak".I am still confounded by the popularity of Twitter. I am also finding my brain trying to wrap around the fact that Jane Austen can be found there in various forms. Laurel Ann from Austenprose has reminded me that Jane would have probably loved to twit and tweet or whatever it is that one does on Twitter. I am still perplexed by it all, however this endeavour by "Mad" found Under the Mad Hat is quite amusing! She has summed up the plot of P&P in tweets. I am excessively diverted!

Richard Armitage Dancing (becuz it's fun to see Mr. Thornton jive)

The Jane Austen Drinking Game (who knew that guys appreciated Jane Austen?)

Collins Inducted into Hall of Obscurity (profiling of the various Mr. Collins)

Funny Film Remakes (from worth1000.com)

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson at the Drive-Thru
(I got a good laugh especially seeing it soon after I watched John Adams the mini-series)

Chatter between characters of North &South and Pride &Prejudice
Mr. Thornton and Darcy have a chat while Lizzie offers advice to Margaret Hale

Can you Place the Face (identify actors from older photos)? Part 1, Part 2


  1. I especially like those motivational posters, any chance of more? perhaps some Jane Eyre quotes? perhaps I'll make them, who knows

    shame that the 'Conversation between Margaret Hale and Elizabeth Bennett' isn't working at the moment but all the same, these are such fun posts.

    and also I enjoy visiting your blog very much, very entertaining and fun

  2. lissa, Jane Eyre is a great suggestion for the motivation posters! I only wish I had the time but if you make your own, do share!

    Thanks for letting me know about that link. I've gone back and added the cached image of the Margaret/Lizzie conversation if you'd like to see it.

    Thanks for your compliment! It's always great to hear from other period drama fans!



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