Lost in Austen - Caps and quotes (Episode 4)

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Quotes from Episode 4

Darcy: Ladies and gentlemen, it is a poor host who neglects to keep his hosts abreast of local news. I have asked Miss Bingley to be my wife and she has consented to the task. Thank you for your attention. Dinner is at six.

[Mrs. Bennett runs from the room excited to buy Lydia's wedding clothes]
Amanda: Your mother cannot be allowed to believe that.
Jane: She can until she is delivered home. Then my father shall have charge of it. It is time he rose from his chair for the good of the family.

Amanda: What are you doing here? What's the point in helping me?
Wickham: Because your face is most amusing when surprised.

As Wickham leads Mr and Mrs B to find Lydia, Amanda stands dumbfounded, "Hear that sound George? D'uuuhhh, that's the sound of Jane Austen spinning in her grave, like a cat in a tumble dryer."

Amanda: Darcy...you followed me!
Darcy: Are my wits disordered by opium? What is this dreadful place?
Amanda: This is London...my London.
Darcy: I will tell you this Miss Price and it is true. The Assembly Rooms at Meryton...I danced with you, not in order to spare my friend but because I wanted to dance with you. Our entire acquaintance has been informed by my refusal to acknowledge this for I have been blinded by pride...Charles, Georgiana, Wickham...you, I was calamitously mistaken in my judgment of you all. A fellow less pigheaded would have realized from the start that what I felt for you was...what I felt for you was...love. I love you! I followed you to this infernal place because I would follow you anywhere. I would harrow hell to be with you.
Amanda: What about Caroline?
Darcy: I cannot marry Caroline.
Amanda: Do not tell me it is because she's not a maid.
Darcy: Of course she is a maid. I cannot marry her because I do not love her. I love you.
Amanda: Okay...before we go any further, there is someone you have to meet.

Elizabeth to Amanda: That's my dress! It looks well on you. It would not fit me now, I'm macrobiotic.

Darcy: The gentleman on the bathchair...I've seen his likeness...Tinky Winky!

Elizabeth: I must switch off the appliances. My employers are most anxious about the size of their footprint.

Elizabeth: Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley? I am your wife!
Darcy: I do not recall marrying you madam.

Amanda: This is what we're going to do. You [to Elizabeth] are taking him through there right now. The rest of us are going to say goodbye nicely and watch you step through all that plumbing into fictional Georgian England and that'll be it. And then we'll all spend our lives in therapy, it's going to be fine.

Elizabeth [trying to go through the door in the bathroom]: The door does not oblige.
Amanda: It bloody well does oblige...this is Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett coming through for God's sake.

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