Marguerite Volant (1996)

Updated: I just found a copy of this series online...

When the Treaty of Paris is signed in 1763, the French colonists of New France suddenly find themselves subjects of the British Empire. As the world around her crumbles, one young woman fights to keep her home, her heritage and her honour. When Captain James Elliot Chase, the leader of the English soldiers that must stay to protect New France, first meets Marguerite, it's love at first sight. But they will have to go through a lot of hardships before they can finally know the truth about their feelings for each other...
A breathtaking and romantic saga of a courageous woman and the man most likely to betray her.

These 11-part series came out in 1997 and was received with good reviews and sold to 50 countries. I'm still searching for a copy with English subtitles but you can watch the French series online:
Watch Marguerite Volant on Dailymotion
(although series of videos is incomplete)

Catherine Sénart
Pascale Bussières
Michael Sapieha
Pierre Curzi
Angèle Coutu

Isabeau & Claude / Marguerite

Eleanore / Capt. James Chase / Lambert

Renaud / Jeanne / Blaise


  1. This is the only movie on the top 20 list that I haven't seen... I don't speak French. Is there an English translation somewhere? Something subtitled, perhaps?

  2. I think I'm partially blind. I see now that you have been looking around, yourself.

  3. First of all, your blog is wonderful. I've been searching for a e-place like this, with so many juicy info on titles old and new , to satiate my thirst for period movies/series (I especially like the BBC ones, love the ner for allowing an Italian like me to access such gems ) .
    This French title too looks very promising. Sadly my French listening skills are pretty bad , but I'm bookmarking this page. You never know when this English-subtitled copy might be available ;) .
    Thanks for your blogging, again. I'm spamming it among my period-lovers friends XD.

    Eli ^^

    P.S.: for some reason the openID is not working, hence the anonymous . Sorry.

  4. Excellent, thank you.
    Regards, Le Loup.

  5. @Eli,
    Thanks for your comment! I see I've taken 2 years to reply, sorry about that! Hope you find new dramas to enjoy!

    @Le Loup,
    You're welcome!

  6. This blog is great! though I couldn't find anywere to watch Marguerite Volant online. Dailymotions only have part of it, then it sends you to another web when you see that the videos have been taking off...

  7. Anonymous,
    Thanks, glad you like the blog!
    Sorry to hear that not all the clips are online any longer. I just noticed that the DVD is now available on Amazon but in French only:

  8. Thanks! I know, I bought it! I speak French enough to understand it, but if anyone can find english or spanish subtitles,that would be great to know

  9. could someone please point me to where I can find the last three episodes?

  10. @Anonymous
    Sorry, I don't know where you can find all the episodes. As stated above, your best bet is to buy the DVD I'm afraid.

  11. unfortunately I can't buy it where I live... I would, believe me.
    I'm totally in love with these series and I have been since I saw it on TV when I was a little girl. I'm so sad I can't find the rest of it.

  12. @Anonymous
    Hope you find it! If I discover anything I'll post it here!

  13. Hello everyone! I agree with you: this blog is great! To Aleksa: On website Serials Online you have all 11 episodes! They are synchronized on russian (overlap with french). Unfortunately, I don`t understand a word of french, and my russian is not much better. But I was so happy to find it at all! I too fell in love with this series 12 years ago, when I watched it on TV. And just like you, I can`t buy original DVD where I live. So although without translation, I am happy and grateful that I can watch all episodes of Marguerite Volant (on Serials Online). I hope you will enjoy it too! Tatjana from Croatia



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