Lost in Austen

Anyone still in the mood for another Jane Austen adaptation?

Lost in Austen, a 2008 4-part miniseries plays a little time travel with our beloved heroine. I can't imagine that Jane would have ever dreamed that her cherished novels would touch so many readers and inspire so many varieties of films (see other movies based on Jane) Although some critics and Janeites are predicting this new film to be a disappointment, it still might be fun to watch!

Here's the plot:
Amanda (Jemima Rooper), an ardent Jane Austen fan, lives in present day London with her boyfriend Michael, until she finds she's swapped places with Elizabeth Bennett (Gemma Arterton). Read more on ITV site

[I thought it would be cheesy throughout
but there's sentimental moments that draw you in before they zap you with a comedic turn! Jemima Rooper is fun to watch as the spunky Amanda! ]

Screencaps and quotes from
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Watch the movie here
[Full version - includes scene where Amanda sings Downtown
which was deleted from some DVD editions]

How Can I Not Love You? - Amanda & Darcy
Check out this awesome fan video

Lost in Austen -Built to Last
another fun fanvid

Amanda Price

Elizabeth Bennett

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Bingley

Mr. Bennett

Mrs. Bennett

Jane Bennett

Caroline Bingley

Mr. Collins

"Pemberley" - Harewood House

"Rosings" - Allerton Castle

~ CAST ~

Jemima Rooper plays Amanda Price

Gemma Arterton plays Elizabeth Bennett
who gets swept to the modern world...

(Gemma is also in Tess of the D'Urbervilles and
the latest James Bond "Quantum of Solace)

Elliot Cowan
as Darcy

Tom Riley
as Wickham

Alex Kingston
as Mrs. Bennett
(Moll Flanders)

Hugh Bonneville
as Mr. Bennett

Lindsay Duncan
as Lady Catherine de Bourgh
(seen on left as Servilia in "Rome")

Guy Henry
as Mr. Collins
(he also played in Rome
as Cassius)

Morven Christie
plays Jane Bennett

She's also in The Young Victoria (2008)
and plays Rose in Oliver Twist (2007)

Michelle Duncan
plays Charlotte Lucas

Tom Mison
plays Bingley
(Ben in The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard)

Christina Cole
plays Caroline Bingley
(He Knew He was Right,
Jane Eyre)

Screencaps and quotes from

Lost in Austen - Caps and quotes (Episode 3)

screencaps courtesy of angelfish icons

Call me biased but a lot of my favourite quotes are from Hugh Bonneville/ Mr Bennett...

Mrs Bennett: Whatever do you do sir? Sleeping in the library?
Mr Bennett: What I do Madam, is collide with folly and conceit whenever I am rash enough to step outside this room, henceforth I am minded to remain here!

But the line that made me laugh out loud is when he says to her, "I shall prance the length of Lady Catherine's drawing room - Naked!"

Amanda when looking at Caroline Bingley, blurted out "Bum face!" followed by "Did I say that out loud?" When she described Bum face as a card game, Mr Collins asserted "Lady Catherine does not trifle with common games of cards." Then, cut to scene of Lady Catherine intent on her next move in the game.

I loved the way Collins talked so proudly about Tinkler and pronounced his brothers' names as if they were royalty..."Probity, Elizium, Canaan...and Tinkler!"

"Tinkler is four and twenty years of age. He is quite... stout. But Miss Lydia I'm sure would have him cavorting about the house like a fawn"!

Remember this scene, their eyes met, look of love in their eyes....

Well, this in NOT it...

more screencaps and quotes...

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