Santay Tanantay

Santay uses an alias for fear of being relentlessly hounded by fans and actors alike. What we do know is that she resides in England and is known for her fanatical obsession with movies of all genres.

This Hall of Fame would be remiss if it did not recognize her and award her Honourable Mention for her devotion to the period classics. She has the ability to delve into deep, philosophical discussions on almost any movie ever made. She would have countless anecdotes to divulge on any number of celebrities that she would have encountered, if they had returned her calls or lifted her restraining order.
It appears that the sole celebrity still on speaking terms with her is Bessie but we can assume that not too many words are exchanged there.

A special shout out to David Tennant who may or may not be her husband but alas, I've said too much. I do not wish to be sued for breach of privacy.

Suffice it to say that the world of Period Dramas would not be the same without the devotion demonstrated by Santay and that would have gone under by now, if it had not been for the sales of Santay alone.

She is currently attending top secret meetings which I cannot discuss here. I will only say that they are of a particular nature and might be referred to as elvetway epstay ogrampray.

She has earned great acclaim as the provider to North American fans of the latest British period dramas so that we don't have to wait to see these great films while we hear for months how great they are... thus cementing her addition into this hall of fame.

She also has a dog who is cute as a "Button"
and he helped get the attention
of the judging panel in the first place!

Turns out that Santay is such a legend that she is known throughout the world by many names. She is surrounded by mystery but after much research, I came across her family's crest. Who would have know that she was a blue-blood? I suppose she thinks we should show her some kind of deference now but unfortunately, she might be waiting a while for that... :)
Ms. Tanantay might like to hold her ancestry over our heads but to date the only thing I know for sure that has set foot in a castle is a handbag of great renown!


  1. You forgot to mention how she rescued, clothed and fed Bessie, lauched her acting career and took no credit for it. Miss Santay is my personal hero.

    Also I think Miss Billie Piper's eyebrows should be added to the hall of fame as they are much talked about all over the world.

  2. cabaray can inform you that he knows santay very well and agrees with most of what you say apart from the comment that david tennant is possibly her husband, I believe that she is far too good to for him and its just unfortunate that mm is spoken for.

  3. I too have great respect for Santay. She has overcome great obstacles considering she shares a residence with someone who doesn't even appreciate the fannies and she has had to endure ridicule for it. Perhaps personal hero is not adequate enough to describe her. I would predict that "saint"hood is in the future for her!

    As for Billie's eyebrows, I'll leave that task to someone who can devote the necessary time and energy to having them recognized for their worth.

  4. I hate to ruin all your hard work but I hear Barry goes by the name Roflwaffle Parkin-Pancks these days :P

  5. Kinda has a nice smart ring to it! - something schoolchildren can practice saying in a rhyme...[say it fast 3 times?]

    Wonder how long that surname will last? Rumour has it Barry is trying to rival Liz Taylor for number of marriages...

    As much as I've scoured libraries all over England to learn about the Baroness' history, (I even went to the Circumlocution Office!), I'm puzzled by the "Parkin".



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