Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, orphaned, is left to live under the charity of her Aunt Reed. After living ten years of mistreatment and segregation in her Aunt's home, she is then sent to Lowood- a boarding school for young girls. Jane grows up both physically and mentally at Lowood and becomes a teacher at age eighteen. She then advertises for the position of a governess and is called upon by Mrs Fairfax at Thornfield. At Thornfield, Jane falls in love with the master, Mr Rochester, and he with her. However, he yields a terrible and dark secret that threatens to tear them apart for good. (Imdb- Emily)

Based on Charlotte Bronte's book.

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Ruth Wilson & Toby Stephens

Charlotte Gainsbourg & William Hurt

Samantha Morton & Ciaran Hinds

Zelah Clarke & Timothy Dalton

Fave quotes:

Jane: Do you think that I'm a machine? That I can bear it? Do you think because I'm poor, plain, obscure and little that I have no heart? That I'm without soul? I have as much heart as you and as much soul and if God had given me some beauty and wealth, I would make it as hard for you to leave me as it is now for me to leave you.

Rochester: There you are! You're back! Ungrateful thing, I give you leave for a week and you're gone a whole month! I want my money back, since you have me so little in your thoughts.
Jane Eyre: I said I was going to be gone for as long as I was needed. And I was. And you still owe me wages.

Rochester: Jane, I want a wife. I want a wife, not a nursemaid to look after me. I want a wife to share my bed every night. All day if we wish. If I can't have that, I'd rather die. We're not the platonic sort, Jane.
Jane Eyre: Can you see me?....Then hear this Edward. Your life is not yours to give up. It is mine. All mine. And I forbid it.

I dangers dared; I hindrance scorned; I omens did defy:
Whatever menaced, harassed, warned, I passed impetuous by.

Screencaps for 2006 film with Ruth Wilson & Toby Stephens


  1. I'm in love with the 2006 version! I haven't seen the other ones, however, and I don't know if I will because I've become attached to the 2006 version. After watching it, I rushed to get a copy of Jane Eyre. I'm horrible and should have read the book first but better late than never, yes? Also, I've added your blog to my Blog Roll for I love it so! (:

  2. Kim, I agree with you that the 2006 drama is so well done that I don't see the need for another one! *sigh*
    Thank you for adding me to your blogroll!

  3. nice blog, i wanted to write a blog like this cuz i enjoyed watching all BBC mini series,esp Jane Eyre 2006 version.
    thank you for sharing this



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