Our Mutual Friend

A young man is on his way to receive his inheritance, which, according to his father's will, he can only claim if he marries Bella Wilfer, a beautiful, mercenary girl whom he has never met. However, before he can arrive, a body is found in the Thames and identified as him. The money passes on, instead, to the working-class Boffins, and the effects spread throughout various corners of London society.

Based on the last novel by Charles Dickens.


Anna Friel as Bella Wilfer
Steven Mackintosh as John Harmon
Keeley Hawes as Lizzie Hexam
Paul McGann as Eugene Wrayburn

David Morrissey as Bradley Headstone

Anna Friel as the willful Bella Wilfur

Paul Gann as Eugene Wrayburn

Sophronia Lammle, the "happy" bride

They each thought they were marrying someone of property
but were sadly disappointed.

Charlie and Lizzie Hexam (Keeley Hawes)

Jenny Wren, Lizzie's friend

Bella and Lizzie meet and become friends

Bella with Mr. and Mrs. Boffin

Favourite quotes:

John Harmon: She is so trivial. So capricious. So mercenary. And yet, she is so beautiful.

John Harmon: Since Miss Wilfer rejected me, I have never again urged my suit with a spoken syllable or look. But I have never changed in my devotion for her, except that it is deeper than it was and better founded.

and my favourite scene...(spoiler warning)
"I assure you, my dear," said Mr Boffin, "that on the celebrated day when I made what has since been agreed upon to be my grandest demonstration--I allude to Mew says the cat, Quack quack says the duck, and Bow-wow-wow says the dog--I assure you, my dear, that on that celebrated day, them flinty and unbeliving words hit my old lady so hard on my account, that I had to hold her, to prevent her running out after you, and defending me by saying I was playing a part."

"Old lady, old lady," said Mr Boffin, at length; "if you don't begin somebody else must."

"I'm a going to begin, Noddy, my dear," returned Mrs Boffin. "Only it isn't easy for a person to know where to begin, when a person is in this state of delight and happiness. Bella, my dear. Tell me, who's this?"

"Who is this?" repeated Bella. "My husband."

"Ah! But tell me his name, deary!" cried Mrs Boffin.


"No, it ain't!" cried Mrs Boffin, clapping her hands, and shaking her head. "Not a bit of it."

"Handford then," suggested Bella.

"No, it ain't!" cried Mrs Boffin, again clapping her hands and shaking her head. "Not a bit of it."

"At least, his name is John, I suppose?" said Bella.

"Ah! I should think so, deary!" cried Mrs Boffin. "I should hope so! Many and many is the time I have called him by his name of John. But what's his other name, his true other name? Give a guess, my pretty!"

"I can't guess," said Bella, turning her pale face from one to another.

"I could," cried Mrs Boffin, "and what's more, I did! I found him out, all in a flash as I may say, one night. Didn't I, Noddy?"

"Ay! That the old lady did!" said Mr Boffin, with stout pride in the circumstance.

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