The Buccaneers

Because of their "new money" background, four American girls have difficulty breaking into the upper-crust society of New York. Laura Testvalley, the governess of one of the girls, suggests a London season and thus the young women set sail for England and the unsuspecting English aristocracy. In England, all the girls soon find eligible husbands and the youngest girl, Nan, seems to land the best husband of them all: the handsome and very wealthy Julius, Duke of Trevennick. Nan and Julius meet for the first time in a ruin, which is an indication of where their marriage is soon heading. After the nuptials, Julius seems more interested in clocks and stable boys than Nan's happiness, and all the girls soon discover that English upper-class men are not at all what they expected and hoped for.
Based on a novel by Edith Wharton. (synopsis : IMDB)
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Nan St. George
(Carla Gugino)
The story's main heroine;
she has a strong sense of romance
and a real passion for England.

Virginia St. George
(Alison Elliott)
Beautiful, self-assured and adventurous elder sister of Nan,
whose exuberance
sweeps all before her on her arrival in English society.

Conchita Closson
(Mira Sorvino)
Half-Brazilian beauty, outrageous and unconventional,
whose charms capture the attentions of Lord Richard Marable

Lizzy Elmsworth
(Rya Kihlstedt)
Ambitious, intelligent friend of Virginia and Nan,
who knows how to get what she wants

Lord Seadown
(Mark Tandy)
Richard Marable's philandering elder brother already has a lover, Idina,
but his wandering eye is captured by the visiting Americans Virginia and Nan

Lord Richard Marable
(Ronan Vibert)
Renegade son of Lord and Lady Brightlingsea who marries Conchita in America
and returns with her to his family seat. Once had an affair with Laura.

Lady Brightlingsea
(Rosemary Leach)
Very proper, staid woman who sees in Virginia the perfect match for her elder son

Lord Brightlingsea
(Dinsdale Landen)
Archetypal aristocrat with financial troubles,
whose family residence Laura arranges for Virginia and Nan to visit

Guy Thwaite
(Greg Wise)
Young, politically ambitious but poverty-stricken. Aged 28,
his sense of honour forbids him to marry for money.

Sir Helmsley Thwaite
(Michael Kitchen)
Guy Thwaite's father and a notable rogue and a womaniser,
given to fits of rage. Has squandered Guy's inheritance

Idina Hatton
(Jenny Agutter)
Lord Seadown's mistress who, older and of lower social standing than he,
is threatened by the arrival of the American women

Julius -Duke of Trevenick
(James Frain)
The Duke is slight and reserved, but considered a great catch.
Lives under the iron rule of his match-making mother

The Dowager Duchess of Trevenick
(Sheila Hancock)
Very influential, the dowager duchess has formidable presence and a sense of duty

Laura Testvalley
(Cherie Lunghi)
Worldly-wise English governess to Nan St. George; intelligent and passionate,
she advises the sisters and their friend Lizzy to try a season in England
when they fail to enter New York society

Miss Jacqueline March
(Connie Booth)
Becomes a friend to the girls and confers the title of "Buccaneers" on the new arrivals.
As a former lover of Lord Brightlingsea, she has much experience to offer

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