"The Help" opens with a bang!

The Help has joined the elite club of only 15 movies that have received an A+ rating from moviegoers on CinemaScore. Scanning the other movies on that list, I'm pleased to see most of them are movies that I have loved!
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Here's a short video where cast members (Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Bryce Dallas Howard) answer questions from fans.
Cast members answer questions

Re-post: Katie Couric has an hour-long video feature on The Help including an extensive interview with author Kathryn Stockett. I've been meaning to watch it and hadn't found the time since finishing the book until now. Part of the interview brought tears to my eyes as I'm already sentimental about the book, its topic and how it is shedding light on the ugliness of racism.
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This movie has not been without controversy. Some African Americans have been urging people to boycott the film which I'm puzzled by since the book highlights the injustice that they endured back in the 1960s while most of the white characters in the books are shown in a negative light, highlighting their racism and ignorance. After reading the book, I am thankful that we've made progress with racism and equality and fervently hope that we will continue to erase the racism and injustice that still exists today.


  1. I haven't read the book, but here are some links on the controversy:




    Basically, I think it's supposed to be making it all about the white women, having the black characters exist to teach them lessons.

  2. @Mimic of Modes
    I've read various articles but I'm still puzzled when there are so many other movies that portray Black Americans in such a negative light. Resigned to the fact that some are dissing this movie without seeing it or reading the book or just because the author is white.
    However, nothing can take away from how much I loved this book or how much it moved me. I'm hoping that the movie manages to do justice to the book and its topic!

  3. The idea of a white author writing realistically about black women let alone maids to me is rare. There are some authors who do it beautifully, but a whole lot that don't. I feel that is part of the reason why some African American women including myself have no interest in reading or seeing The Help. I can only speak for myself.

    You can go here to read more here about this debate:

  4. @Shell
    Hi Shell,
    Thanks for your comment! I fully respect your decision to not read the book or watch the movie. I can imagine that a white author can never fully do justice in telling the story from a black person's point of view but after reading the book and watching interviews, I feel that Stockett's motivation came from an honest place to tell her story as best as she could.

    I was already anti-racism before reading the book but it made me even more empathetic to what it must have been like at that time for black women who had such little choice in how they could earn a living with such low wages at that. 'The Help' could never fully capture their experiences or the full extent of what happened at that time but it's only a novel and I feel that it did shed light on it, however imperfectly so as considered by some.

    I happened to love the book and it truly moved me as I know it did for many others!



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