Snow White (by Relativity & Tarsem Singh)

Silly really but just reading this article at, increased my anticipation over the upcoming Snow White, directed by Tarsem Singh. (Keep in mind, there are 3 films in the works, 4 projects if you include the tv series with Snow White as one of the lead characters)

I''ve been most keen to see what film Tarsem will create for the iconic fairy tale princess after being so entranced with The Fall.

Silas Lesnick reports:
"Though no photos were allowed, we are pleased to report that fans of Singh's distinctive visuals will not be disappointed. While many of the classic Snow White elements show through in the film's design -- particularly in the look of the forest -- the artwork seems to draw from a wide range of inspiration, including a very Indian-looking palace and several masquerade designs reminiscent of Mardi Gras and old storybook illustrations. Multiple costume parties are said to play a role in the film and promise to be extremely bright and colorful. Against them, the Prince (Armie Hammer) is seen in a coat and tales costume with (for the party) rabbit ears emerging from his top hat. Snow White herself (Lily Collins) is the biggest departure from the original story and will be portrayed as a bit of a fighter, allowing for multiple action sequences. Exiled from her kingdom, she's actively trying to win back her rightful throne and combines a blue dress with black, leather armor. Each of the film's seven dwarfs features a distinctive look and seems to be nicknamed by their costume. "Cowboy" wears a cowboy hat, "Wolf" is draped in animal skin and another wears a crooked top hat. The Evil Queen (Julia Roberts) takes the cake for costume changes. Her character had pages and pages of different elaborate dresses in various colors and shapes, including an impressive ice-inspired design."

Production begins next week
More information on untitled Snow White project


  1. We have been providing a lot of the shoes for the film.....the costumes promise to be beautiful and we are really looking forward to it!



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