Henry of Navarre (2010) - trailer

Based on the popular novel Young Henry of Navarre by Heinrich Mann, the film is a biopic of Henry IV of France who reigned from 1589-1610. It played at film festivals last year and is being released on DVD (German with English subtitles).

[Update regarding content: this drama contains scenes with graphic violence, nudity and sex]

Synopsis: "The remarkable life of one of France's most influential leaders is dramatized in this stylish historical drama. In 16th Century France, political power walks hand in hand with religion as the Royal Family are devout Catholics and Huguenots (early Protestants) are treated as second-class citizens. Henry (Julien Boisselier) is a Huguenot military leader who has become a hero in Navarre, a territory in Southwest France, and as Nostradamus (Fritz Marquardt) predicts a remarkable future for him, he is introduced to Catherine de' Medici (Hannelore Hoger), the Catholic queen of France. Catherine clearly holds power over feeble-minded King Charles IX (Ulrich Noethen), and she is keen on holding on to her position by seeing her sons go on to rule the nation. But as the Huguenots become restless and Henry looks to be the potential leader of a revolt, Catherine arranges a marriage between Henry and her daughter Margot (Armelle Deutsch), certain the alliance will stop the budding conflict. But the nuptials only leads to the infamous St. Bartholomew's Day massacre as Catholics attack Huguenots, leading to the death of thirty thousand people. Henry is captured by the Queen's army but escapes to lead the Huguenots in a war against the throne; while Henry is forced to resort to violent means, his goal is to end the fighting by establishing religious freedom and ending faith-based rule in France. Henri 4 (aka Henry of Navarre) was originally produced as a mini-series for European television; it was also edited into a theatrical feature, and this version was an official selection at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival." [from Fandango]


  1. This looks...amazing. Thanks for posting this. =D

  2. I just love how you keep stealing stories from HOLLYWOOD SPY and never even mention where you actually heard first of the stories you post :(

    Sorry that you feel that way. Have you not considered that since we both blog about movies that there might be some overlap?
    Turns out that I've since found out about the graphic nature of this film so my initial excitement over seeing its trailer isn't enough to get me to watch it.

  4. I've just recently been watching the film, and it's graphic nature isn't the least of it's problems. I have been quite exited, when I've heard of it, although even then I couldn't imagine why anyone would bother to use intereuropean funds again retell a story, that was already picturized so very well by Patrice Chereau (Yes, I know he adapted the book by the French Dumas not the German Mann but the backdrop remains the same). In any case, I was happy to hear, that Jo Baier, whose "Das letzte Stück Himmel (the last piece of heaven)" I still adore, was set to direct. But what a letdown. Laughably bad acting, even worse dialogue and scripting. So no substance and not even the style was that great as most of the actors looked like they simply stumbled into their costumes after having been camping for a week. If you watch it, watch it for it's failings.



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