Where were the great hats for the Royal Wedding?

One of the things I had looked forward to when watching last Friday's royal wedding was a glimpse of some fashionable hats (fully expecting that the invited distinguished guests would show up in style). I was sadly disappointed. I am NOT a fan of those silly fascinators which sit so awkwardly upon the head bearing little resemblance to a hat. As for the ladies who actually wore a hat, I detest the current style of wearing it off the side of the head or to the front which makes it appear as if a strong wind attempted to blow it off and the hat-wearer failed to notice. Was I expecting too much? Perhaps I've been spoiled by the Royal Ascot ladies of My Fair Lady?

Here are some examples of what I'd hoped to see...

The following are some of the hats spotted at the wedding,
the day when even a dog had more fashion than a princess...

Princess Letizia of Spain
Perhaps the fact that her outfit looked Edwardian
earned her top marks with me?!

Queen Elizabeth II / Carole Middleton / Princess Michael of Kent

Daughters of Charles, Earl of Spencer / Duchess of Cornwall

Lorna Brooking / Lady Helen Taylor / Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia

Queen Sofia of Spain / Sophie, Lady Windsor / Princess Victoria of Sweden

Joss Stone / Grand Duchess of Luxembourg / Princess Mathilde of Belgium

Katharine, Duchess of Kent
Not that fond of her hat but she looks so endearing.

Oh dear, we made a royal mess!
(Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Princess Anne)

WHAT was Princess Beatrice thinking?
Besides being a fashion miss, how were guests supposed to be able to converse with her
and not be distracted by the monstrosity on her head?

Princess Eugenie / Zara Phillips / Autumn Phillips

Queen Margrethe of Denmark / Chelsea Davy / Victoria Beckham

Wave goodbye to fashion...

And yes, even a dog (spotted on the sidelines of the wedding route)

was able to show more style sporting her tiara
than the princess 5th in line to the throne...


  1. Thank you. I totally agree. I could not believe everyone gave Tara Palmer Tomkinson (hope I got that right) a thumbs up for looking like a smurf and Victoria Beckham for putting a plaster in the middle of her forehead, wearing a tent and looking like someone kicked her dog in front of a lorry.

    On the plus side, Kate looked like a princess. What a perfectly regal, beautiful, perfect dress!

  2. Agreed. That perched look on the front of the head is ridiculous. The all blue outfit was hideous but I did like that red flower thing that looked like a big poppy for some reason. I was disappointed with the coverage of guests outfits. I couldn't see enough and the trees while lovely didn't help with that.

  3. I too was totally transfixed by the hats, not always in a good way. I loved Joss Stone's whole outfit. And Sophie Windsor's hat was divine.

    I have a wedding to go to in Ontario in June. Oh, I wish I had the guts to do a hat. I wonder if anyone else will?

  4. I'm not even sure that you could call what Chelsy Davy had on her head a hat. It looked like a silver doily. As for Princess Anne, well I'm sure one of that either Laura or Mary Ingalls would like their hat back. I think that Tara Palmer Tomkinsson was trying to distract from her botched nose job (she had to have it repaired because she did so much coke) by wearing that blue number which might not have been so bad if the rest of her outfit hadn't been so blue. She looked like a crayola crayon. But Kate looked lovely and regal and just like a princess.

  5. I agree with you...a lack of gorgeous hats....though I personally think Miriam Gonzales's turban with big red poppy was glorious. Chic, unique, and slightly exotic. Much better than the "whoville reindeer" headgear Fergie's daughter was wearing!

  6. I agreed with many of your "hits" especially Princess Letizia, Princess Michael, Sophie Lady Windsor (stunning!), Joss Stone (lovely dress too), and Princess Mathilde. I actually liked Zara Phillips hat - even though it looked like it was going to fall off at one point, the look was still balanced by the bow on the other side and how she styled her hair. (I think that she is the spitting image of Lucy Punch, the actress.)

    The other "misses" all stand, and I would actually add to it Lorna Brooking. The Queen pulled off the monochrome look in yellow, but that purple (on tv at least) looked like a big purple grape mess.

    Kate and Pippa looked gorgeous in their gowns, and I almost preferred Kate's second gown to the one for the ceremony.



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