Poll: Which of these Regency films have you seen?

Of the following selection of period dramas set in the Regency era,
which ones have you seen?

(For films with more than one adaption, I've only listed the title once.)


  1. thanxs for the regency list!!!
    ive seen al lot, but always want to see more !!hihi
    now i know the film titles

  2. Hi,

    which film "Napoleon & Betsy" do you mean?

  3. I like them all but only saw half of them. but I'm sure we all have our preference of which versions we like. I prefer the newest version of Emma over the other two. and the BBC's persuasion is a favorite of my, though I rather prefer the ending of the other version which is more quiet and certainly less running.

    of cause, new versions will always come along. but seriously, how many times can we redo Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights?

  4. I didn't see Lost in Austen on the list. Did I miss it?

  5. Marijke, I didn't think you needed new titles but you're welcome!

    Oops! I had different lists as I compiled this and Napoleon and Betsy is one film rumoured to be in development but not yet made so I just took it off the list!

    Karen, I slipped up and forgot to put Lost in Austen on the poll. Thanks for mentioning! I've added it now.

    lissa, I wholeheartedly agree, I'm fed up with endless remakes.

  6. I love so many on this list. Anyone who needs a light-hearted flick may want to see Impromptu. Hugh Grant, Judy Davis and especially Emma Thompson are wonderful but you have to pack your sense of humour. If you're looking for a serious biopic on Chopin, this is NOT it!

    Bright Star was gorgeous and made me cry.

    Too many faves to choose. What are your faves Cheryl (other than the obvious greats like ALL of the Austen flicks)?

  7. I love anything regency, and I’m always looking for new titles, so it was nice to see few on your list that I have not seen before. I would like to add Horatio Hornblower series and Damn the Defiant to your list, both excellent regency war movies, and Princess Caraboo.
    I love the Bronte’s sisters novels Jane Eyre, and Wuthering Heights, however they are part of the Victorian era. Les Miserables is both Regency and Victorian, the action spreads on a course of 17 years from 1815 to1832.
    Thank you for your list. I love checking this site to find new period movies.

  8. Northanger Abbey (2007 version) is my favorite. I have watched it at least 10 times! But I've seen all the Jane Austen movies.

  9. @Jenny, I loved Bright Star as well! There's many on this list that I've not seen but I did enjoy Random Passage and I love Les Miserables! Eager to see the older version with Anthony Perkins which my friend highly recommends as well as the one with Depardieu.

    @Arianna, Thanks for pointing out that Jane Eyre doesn't belong in this era. I now have to check my original source for other discrepancies! I've added Damn the Defiant to my original post on Regency films and Horatio is coming up in the Georgian era. I just wish each of these films listed clearly the span of years they covered! :)

  10. I expected to see Jane Eyre on the list, did I miss it. Toby Stephens is my favourite with the upcoming and brilliant ruth wilson

    1. I love the version with Toby Stephens too! Jane Eyre is listed with the Victorian films.



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