A letter from Richard Armitage

It seems Mr. Armitage took some time while down in New Zealand filming The Hobbit, to send a message to his fans. Thanks to Annette at RichardArmitageOnline for sharing it with us!

Dear All,

I wanted to post a message to say a huge thank you for your generosity of donations to the Christchurch fundraiser on 22nd May, I gather there was a considerable contribution from members of our little community, which is gratefully received to help a rather larger and damaged community 'rise up' get back on its feet. I am so grateful and proud to see such support from so far away, you really are hugely reliable when it comes to those in need. Thank you. I hope our little teaser want too much of a tease, it is so difficult to give anything away, of the movie we are making but we had to do something; I have resisted signing anything 'Hobbity', until the film is finished (just a little bit superstitious) but I was very proud to add my name to the book for Christchurch.

I had a belated request from a certain Wizard about some cello playing, now as a music lover, and particularly that instrument, I can see how that might be a real possibility and perhaps a joy to hear...if Yo Yo Ma were asked. However, raising money for charity by simulating the sound of a strangled cat whose claws are clinging onto a chalkboard for dear life, whilst someone in another room tries to tune a radio in, would result in a charity deficit, with demands for refunds and compensation to boot. So I may have to decline for now, until I have had time to practice a bit more.

With regards for requests for social media, blogs tweets etc. I have always worried that I will reveal something about the project I am working on that I am not allowed to, added to the fact that I am just about up to e mailing and little more, I may have to abstain for now.

So were are about to depart for our short hiatus and I will be sorry to say farewell to Wellington and NZ, one of the most exciting places I have been lucky enough to live and work, not just a magnificent landscape but a warm, friendly, generous and really cool community, which has welcomed us with open arms. Seriously this place has to go to the top of the Bucket List.

Much Love

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  1. No wonder he has such loyal fans! The Armitage Army is lucky to be fans of such a nice guy who actually seems to enjoy his fans and appreciate their attention. What a refreshing change!

    And he's so cute too. Hard to picture as a Dwarf!

  2. Ooo! You are quick with the news! You always impress me with how fast you can get the news out. Were you up all night or are you an early bird? LOL
    It is such a lovely letter! Isn't it thrilling that he commented about the cello challenge? Maybe some day we might get that treat....sigh!

  3. @Jenny Allworthy
    I try hard NOT to picture him as a dwarf! But yes, I agree, he's a true gent with his fans!

    You're such a night owl and I'm the early bird... guess we're just fowl but hopefully not foul :)
    I was thrilled that he mentioned Yo-yo Ma too!

  4. Oh he is just so wonderful! I'm in love with him all over again after that letter :) How great is it that he takes the time to write to his fans, and an actual letter at that! not just one of those short "thanks for the support, stay cool, love __________" letters so common these days!

    Thanks for posting this! :)



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