Poll Results: Kate Middleton's wedding dress (and more samples)

Only days until the royal wedding and then we'll end all speculation about the anticipated wedding dress but here are the results of the poll asking which dress you would choose for the future princess/queen. Thanks to all who voted!

After 565 votes, here are the top 5!

The clear winner with 3 times more votes than any other dress...
151 votes

47 votes

43 votes

41 votes

39 votes

Now for what I am hoping to see.
It's all about the lace...

Some fashion experts are predicting that sleeves are coming back in style for wedding gowns. (Hurray, I say!) This comeback is anticipated due to a 20-year swing in fashion and it's also expected to be influenced by the royal wedding in which many are expecting Kate Middleton's dress to cover her arms to some degree due to the formality of the wedding.

I just know that I would love to see lace. I don't know that the following wedding dresses are Kate Middleton's style but I'm hoping to see a more traditional gown rather than some modern design! How about a lace veil? Or long, lacy sleeves? Or lace detail on the dress itself? Somewhere, somehow, there's got to be lace!

I don't expect to see anything this traditional
but I just love this!

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  1. This poll was so fun! And I'm with you on the lace--love it! Plus, I am so tired to seeing EVERY bride wear the same, boring strapless silk dress. Blah.

  2. The poll shows that many of us are tired of the same old prom like strapless gowns! I've always thought sleeves make the gown more elegant and formal. Glad to know they're coming back.

  3. Oh I am with the majority!

    Since January I have been writing Royal Wedding Wednesday posts. Today is the linky party.

    Would love for you to link up this Royal gem!

  4. I definitely like the first one. It reminds me of the dress that Anne Hathaway wore in Princess Diaries 2.

  5. I love the 3/4 lace sleeves or jacket. There's a good chance it could be something like that, at least in regards to being covered while staying modern without the usual strapless dress: I heard on one of the Royal Wedding tv specials that the shoulders and arms have to be covered in the cathedral.
    Anyone else trying to get up at 3am EDT Friday?

  6. Laura, great post! Thanks for inviting me to add mine. Fun reading the others!

  7. Nicely done post. Come back and check out mine if you get the chance. I like the dress that got the most votes too!



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