Anna Karenina (2012)

Casting updates for the proposed remake of Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina..

We heard about this new adaptation a while back and it actually seems to be moving forward with more cast members being named.

Keira Knightley will reteam with director Joe Wright who worked with her in Atonement. Word out right now is that he's also hoping to lasso from the same film, James McAvoy and Saoirse Ronan but their involvement is up in the air. Attached to the project already though are Jude Law, Aaron Johnson, Kelly Macdonald and Benedict Cumberbatch.
Source: The Playlist

Keira Knightley (Anna Karenina)

Jude Law (Anna's husband Karenin)

Aaron Johnson (Count Vronsky)

Kelly Macdonald (role yet to be specified)

Benedict Cumberbatch (role not yet specified)




  1. GREAT!!!!

    All this fantastic actors in the same movie...just amazing.

    Can't wait to see it!


  2. Is it petty of me that I am holding a grudge against Joe Wright for dumping Rosamund Pike after their wedding date was announced? PIG!

    OK, now that my pettiness is out, I can admit that he is a great director and this will probably be fabulous. His latest release Hanna is getting great reviews too.

    He really has a thing for Kiera Knightley though doesn't he?

  3. Jenny,
    perhaps with Joe casting Keira, he's trying to emulate Scorsese with his numerous films with DiCaprio?! And he has cast Saoirse in Hanna, and wants her for Karenina, AND for Little Mermaid so guess he likes working with the same people even though he's not so faithful to his fiancé?

  4. I'll watch it for Benedict Cumberbatch. Such a great actor.

    Still not a fan of Keira, though.... Sorry, Joe.

  5. Jude Law as Anna's husband? I don't think so, he's too young and hot, it makes no sense. I'm not looking forward to see this adaptation.

  6. The problem with nearly every version of Anna Karenina is the casting. The 2000 miniseries version was ridiculous. Karenin is not supposed to be unattractive and they cast Jude Law?! The story revolves around shallow people; it doesn't work if you have babes acting as old men (2012 version) or an average-looking actress attempting to play the enchanting Anna (2000 version). The story doesn't hold if the actors do not visually match who they are trying to portray.

  7. Joe Wright dumpted Rosamunde Pike? Is he crazy?

    And please, Keira isn't good-looking, how is she supposed to play Anna? Well, if she stops acting the same way in every movie she participates in, I might forgive her for portaying Anna Karenina

  8. I understand a director being comfortable with the same actress, and it is a small wonder why a studio would encourage the casting of Anna, as Wright and Knightley have twice proven successful with Oscar nominated films -- BUT!!! Emily Blunt seems born to play Anna. I read Anna Karenina two years ago and imagined Blunt as Anna the entire time. I also imagined Vronsky as Michael Pitt, but I can live with this casting; at least Vronsky was cast young. As long as they make Jude Law somehow unattractive (as clearly suggested in the book) I can live with it, I suppose; he pulled it off in Road to Perdition. Kelly Macdonald is probably the smartest casting, but the size and significance of her role can't save the film. The casting of Levin is truly bizarre but I suspect they'll breeze over his character as every other film adaptation has, outside the Russian miniseries. Honestly, this book has to be adapted as a mini series to prevent alienating every person who has read the book. Levin's spiritual journey is crucial to the story. Didn't Roger Ebert call the 1997 version "sacrilege"?

  9. what a shame! Knightley is totally wrong for the part, just like she was for Pride and Prejudice. I really like the novel so i guess i will see the movie but she is one of my least favorite actresses and all because of what she did to P&P, she was awful, don't care if she received an oscar for it. i would of love to have seen James McAvoy get casted as originally intended.



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