The Shunning (2011)

April 16, 2011 on The Hallmark Channel

Based on the best-selling book by Beverly Lewis. (First novel in The Heritage of Lancaster County series: The Shunning, The Confession & The Reckoning)

Directed by Michael Landon, Jr. (Love Comes Softly series)

About the film: A young Amish girl (Danielle Panabaker) struggles with her identity as she prepares for an arranged marriage with the town's bishop. Then, she is stunned to find out she was adopted and her birth mother wants to be reunited with her. As she wonders what could have been and starts separating herself from her community's strict religious customs, the town turns their backs on her just when she needs them the most.

The film was shot on locations in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, and after airing on Hallmark, will be distributed on DVD by Sony Home Entertainment through Affirm Films.

Danielle Panabaker ... Katie Lapp
Sandra Van Natta ... Rebecca Lapp
Bill Oberst ... Samuel Lapp
Sherry Stringfield ... Laura Mayfield-Bennett
Burgess Jenkins ... Bishop John Beiler
Nancy Saunders ... Ella Mae Zook
Jason Loughlin ... Benjamin Lapp

Photos: Hallmark


  1. It looks very nice. I like this kinds of movies and I like this page.
    A have seen the most of period dramas that I found here and these I didnt see I have already download..just have time :)

  2. Wow! This is great! I love when they make movies out of books by Christian authors. I do worry that as with the Love Comes Softly series they will dumb down the spiritual truths. This looks good though.

    1. I don't think the love come softly movies are bad. The books,however, are better.

  3. Very interesting. The Shunning was the first Beverly Lewis book I read (and the one to get me hooked on BL books) so I am interested to see what's done with this. I am a bit worried that the storylines will get re-vamped as they were with the LCS series. Also a bit worried about accuracy...the Amish girl in obvious makeup is interesting. :-)

    However, I am hoping that it turns out good! I guess time will tell.

  4. I cant wait to see this! There are so many great Christian authors out there and I am so glad one of Beverly Lewis' books is being made into a film.
    I too loved Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series as books, but the films were so different (and now apparently they are making another TV movie about Clarks life before meeting Marty).
    The trailer for 'The Shunning' does looks fantastic and I will be sure to watch it :)

  5. Wish you'd post more information/photos from Hallmark helmed movies - they are often really good if not a little trite. The main attraction is they are clean and often the stories are sweet. =)

  6. Anon, I would post more Hallmark films if I knew of them, they're just harder to track!

  7. Charleybrown - Yeah, I know what you mean. We don't have satellite or any type of "cable," so I have to rely on Hallmark releaseing them to DVD! Nevertheless, I like to read about them... and browse their cute promo shoots. =)

  8. Anon, I actually just contacted Hallmark last week for press access but I've not heard back from them. I find it odd how some networks or film companies provide loads of promotional tools and others make it difficult for fans to know more :(

  9. Thanks for letting me know that! Maybe, you'll still hear back - who knows!? =) I've seen that Hallmark has a "press" section on their site, but since I don't blog or anything, I've not even tried to get their press packet, because I don't have a reason from their perspective.

  10. Powerful film hitting close to home. Still makes the heart sing.
    Chaplain Powers

  11. Powerful and beautiful music.

  12. Kathy Fuller kmfuller@zoominternet.netApril 24, 2011 at 5:12 PM

    I loved the movie. I am watching it now for the fourth time since it came on last week. I am curious about the particular, the song she played on the guitar and later sang in the buggy..."Fireflies". Anyone know anything?

    Sincerely, Kathy Fuller

  13. Kathy, not sure about the song Fireflies but Lee Holdridge is listed as composer of the film?

  14. how can I watch this movie online? I missed it on tv

  15. @Anonymous
    Sorry, I don't know where you can watch it.

  16. Is it going to be released on DVD?

  17. @Anonymous
    I'm assuming that it will be on DVD since most Hallmark movies are released. You'd have to check with their website!

  18. @Kathy Fuller
    The song "Fireflies" is performed by Kasey Brennan. It was written and published by Amanda Falk.

  19. You can watch this wonderful movie on Netflix now.



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