Leonarda Da Vinci - tv series

Leonardo - a 13-part series based on a teenage Da Vinci, on CBBC beginning Apr 11, 2011

From BBC: "Viewers are invited to step back in time as the most brilliant mind of the past 500 years bursts onto CBBC. Leonardo, an action-packed new drama series full of mystery, adventure and an unfolding love story, follows the teenage Leonardo da Vinci and his friends: the street-smart and razor-sharp Machiavelli; Lisa, the subject of the world's most famous painting; and Lorenzo de' Medici, son of the foremost banking dynasty in Italy. Together, these fabulous four define the modern world. "

Machiavelli - Akemnji Ndifornyen, Lisa - Flora Spencer-Longhurst,
Leonardo - Jonathan Bailey, Lorenzo by Colin Ryan

"Set against the breathtaking backdrop of 15th-century Florence, Leonardo is far from a typical period drama. It's fast-paced with modern music and language, and a fashion sense that is more high street than high culture.

At the heart of the show is the young Leonardo da Vinci. Working as an apprentice, he's not just a free-thinking genius; he's also an unstoppable creative force who's always 10 steps ahead.

The series opens with a double bill. In Anything Is Possible, Leonardo has a new invention: the world's first bicycle, which he calls "a velocerotor". He takes his new machine out for a spin but his first ride comes to a crashing finish at the feet of a young street artist named Tom, who soon lands himself a place with Leonardo at Verrocchio's workshop. When the gang discover Tom has stolen Leonardo's notebook, he insists he was forced to steal the book by a sinister secret society called the Luminari. Hunting for the Luminari in the shadowy catacombs unveils a new secret that could destroy Tom's dreams and Verrocchio's reputation. It's up to the gang to decide what becomes of Tom, and to carry on the hunt for Leo's lost designs... but the ruler of the Luminari is closer than they think."

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  1. Sounds delicious!

    But -sigh- it will take soooooo long for it to come out, in the US. -sigh-

    ♥ Gentle hugs ♥



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