Colin Firth & Geoffrey Rush - video from SBIFF

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush have expressed during various press conferences and interviews about how their friendship bonded during the filming of The King's Speech so it was fun to see Colin present the Montecito Award to his pal Geoffrey at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The Montecito Award is given to a performer “who has given a series of classic and standout performances in his/her career.”

Happy reunion on the red carpet at the Oscars

Video: Geoffrey and cast of King's Speech honoured at SBIFF

Colin Firth presenting Montecito Award to Geoffrey Rush at SBIFF
(transcript of part of above video):
"Geoffrey was with us for only 4 weeks of a 7 week shoot. And the word somehow got around that I was inconsolable at his departure. And I would like to set the record straight on this matter. It is perfectly true that I had a moment of regret at the departure of a respected colleague, but there was nothing emotionally unstable about it. In fact the day after he abandoned us for his meaningless play in Australia, I strode off to the set with a huge smile on my face and the air of a man of ambition, brisk, and Tom Hooper, I saw him out of the corner of my eye, giving me an exasperatingly knowing look, and he said “I feel exactly the same way.” And I calmly inquired whether he wanted to get on with the bloody scene. And we had a joyless morning. And I went back to my trailer and bit into my blue grey popping quills (I have no idea what that means) and I noticed a strange pair of underpants, and the next thing was an unfamiliar pair of socks and they made a trail towards the bed in the trailer and then I noticed to my horror that there was someone sleeping in the bed. The blankets were pulled up, and I approached with trepidation and I peeled back the blankets and I shrieked like a school girl “It’s Geoffrey!” Or rather, someone had pasted Geoffrey’s face onto a mannequin. It was just some clever clogs’ idea of grief counseling. They thought it would help. And so never been one to let anything go to waste, I picked him up and propped him up at the little dining table in the trailer. And yet, I have to say, he proved a remarkably effective therapist during the ensuing weeks. He wasn't quite as animated as I was used to... He was a good listener and he was cheap."


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