Colin Firth & Carey Mulligan in My Fair Lady?

Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait... ♪♫♪

Okay, just a little bit excited with this latest rumour. Carey Mulligan has previously been mentioned as the front-runner for the role of Eliza Doolittle in the upcoming planned remake of My Fair Lady. (And according to some online articles, she IS attached to the film, barring any further complications with future film schedules?)

Colin (the ever regal, and now officially so) Firth had his name mentioned among others considered for the role of the curmudgeonly Professor Higgins and it seems that although top guns initially rejected him for the role, they are just as eager now to sign him up. Seems that Hugh Grant, at one time, favoured for the role, is now out?

I am trying not to get my hopes up that this pairing will actually happen but I have to say that I'm quite excited at the prospect of seeing Carey and Colin in the adaptation of Pygmalion.

What do you think?

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I was wondering about Carey Mulligan's singing voice... turns out that when she was younger, she wanted to be a musical actress and you can hear her sing in 'Write About Love'.


  1. I think this would be wonderful... ^_^

  2. This is exciting! I thought Keira Knightley was going to play Eliza but it looks like they haven't officially decided who'll play the roles yet.

  3. Shoujofan, I almost hate hearing this rumour in case it doesn't turn out. I imagine Firth's name will be connected to a bunch of films right now, all eager to even suggest he's being considered for their film.

    Jemimah, Keira was initially mentioned for the role but that changed back in 2009! Although, anything can happen yet!

  4. I want this rumor to be true!)

  5. I hope so!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. I have my ticket money ready...

  7. Oh, 'would'nt it be loverly':)

  8. This sounds cool! Although I think the actors will have a hard time competing with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison!
    All the same, it would be interesting to see what they did with it!

  9. Ooh, this would be pretty amazing!!!!

  10. Wow, what magic those two could create together!!

  11. This pairing sounds amazing! Carey is such a sweetheart, I'd love to see her in this part. I'm not sure about Colin Firth as Professor Higgins but he would draw quite a bit of attention to this production and he has a decent singing voice. I definitely like the idea of him doing it than Hugh Grant being cast. Thanks for the link, Carey does have a nice voice. I think she could play saucy Eliza Doolittle perfectly!

  12. I'd heard it might be Keira Knightley. I would be so much happier if it were Carey.

  13. The rumours have abounded since Emma Thompson started writing the screen play. I guess now that Colin has some clout, it all depends if he wants to do another period drama. I hope so, but I dare not get my hopes up yet.

    Hugh Grant must be pretty steamed about Colin getting all the roles and accolades. I think Carey would be adorable.

  14. This has been one of those rollercoasters already with various names being hinted to in the press. Keira's name got the ball rolling and gained a lot of reaction (mainly negative) at the though of her starring. Seems that many people don't want to see this attempted or if so, have very high hopes as to who gets cast and that they have the vocal talent to back it up.

    I was thrilled when I heard Emma Thompson was doing the screenplay and that Cam Mack will be producing. I've heard various things about Colin including one interview (which I can't find) where he indicated that he didn't think that classics SHOULD be redone! But I'm surprised to read that he might have expressed interest in the part previously and can visualize the two of them in those roles easily!

    Holding on to my "Ascot" hat :)

  15. Carey gets my seal of approval! Practically anyone would get it if it means Keira is out. Poor Keira. I really liked her in the 1st Pirates movie. She should have stopped there. I also liked her in Silk, but unfortunately I hate that movie. Girl just can't win with me. Although I like her a heck of a lot more than Mandy.
    But comparisons aside, I do like Carey and I think she'd carry the story well. It's hard to beat Audrey but I am excited to see a new take on the story and character.

    But Colin doesn't. He is too old. He is also COLIN FIRTH. Meaning:
    1) age difference means that there will not be a legit romance. Didn't Emma want to make it about repression of women? This would make that fit. I would assume the character will play similarly to Rex Harrison's portrayal.
    2) but since he is COLIN FIRTH, everyone (or at least female viewers) will be picturing Darcy up there with Eliza, and Higgins being a total jerk will be excused and explained away and glossed over with protests that he doesn't realize he's in love with her - which doesn't work because he's too old! (see #1)

  16. Peri,
    I just looked up the age differences - Rex was 20 years older than Audrey, Colin is 25 years older than Carey which isn't that far off! I actually was surprised since to me, he doesn't seem ancient for Miss Mulligan. (I also find he appears younger than Hugh Laurie who also has been suggested - and yet there's only a year's difference in age between Hugh & Colin.)

    As for those who will compare him to Darcy, I say "LET IT GO PEOPLE"! I loved him as Darcy but for heaven's sake, I'm so tired of those who continue to define him in that role. I think Colin has such grace to put up with the endless references to his Darcy days but isn't it possible to appreciate that particular performance without constantly allowing it to colour all his other acting credits? I can't recall at the moment another actor or actress who has been so relentlessly pegged for a single role. Yes, there might be some diehard fans who would "excuse" his behaviour as Higgins but I hope for the most part, that such an intelligent actor has a loyal fanbase who are smart enough to view each performance with fresh eyes.

    I can't speak to your own perceptions about his age but since he's only a couple of years older than me, "too old" is not a descriptor that I would ever think of applying to him! "Too married"... perhaps! :)

  17. I think I take a more pessimistic view in regard to Colin, or at least Darcy fans - but I forsee a lot of reinterpretation of the character regardless of the performance solely because of the actor. There is no denying the man has range but once you say historical [pseudo] romance all the Darcy comparisons will (unfortunately) come surging back to the surface. That is my take on it at least... you are good enough to give viewers more benefit of the doubt :) Hopefully most people will appreciate it for what it is.

    I think what bothers me about My Fair Lady is that it IS a pseudo romance. Higgins isn't a true romantic male lead but by the end they are devoted to each other. Due to the age difference I've never felt comfortable with it as a love story but I've always wanted it to be one. That's the reason for my reaction to yet another large age difference - my personal dreams of a non-ambiguous ending are crashing to the floor yet again. I don't care how old Colin is, bless him - I just care how old Higgins is.

    But since I don't know the script or the new story, I'll just have to trust the people who do! They were wise enough to pick Carey over Keira so I will wait patiently and in the meantime watch my old MFL vhs of Audrey over and over.

  18. Peri, that's interesting that you want the possibility of a romantic ending (or suggestion of it). If it ventured there, I'd imagine that loyal readers would react with outrage that it veered from the novel? Although, eternal romantic idealist that I am, I'd love to see it!

  19. I am all for Carey M. & Colin F. respectively playing the roles of Eliza & Prof. Higgins in the remake of My Fair Lady. The are two brilliant actors who can do justice to the much-loved original version. I love them both and I truly believe they are perfect for the roles.

  20. Great actors,great news!Love it:)
    And yes Charlybrown-sadly,Colin is "too married":D:D



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