Colin Firth: A Biography

Michael O'Mara Books has published an unauthorized biography of Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth, written by author Alison Maloney.

Senior editorial director Louise Dixon said: “We were a bit amazed—and pleased!—that there hadn't been any previous books on this iconic actor. He has a great story; people forget the breadth of the roles he has played, so the time is definitely ripe for a biography."

The title will be published on 3rd May as an £18.99 hardback, to coincide with the DVD release of "The King's Speech", for which Firth recently won an Academy Award for his role as George VI.

Description from
From the moment Colin Firth took on the role of Mr Darcy in the 1995 BBC adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice', emerging from the lake in 'that scene', he was set on a path from sex symbol to national treasure and Hollywood star. With roles ranging from Hugh Grant's love rival in 'Bridget Jones' to an Oscar-nominated turn as a gay university professor in 'A Single Man', Firth's skills as a versatile actor have known no bounds. Yet, it was his recent portrayal of George VI in the 2011 film 'The King's Speech' that has elevated him to Hollywood royalty, bagging him numerous awards, including the much coveted Oscar for Best Actor. However, it is not only his assumed roles, but the man himself who has captured the hearts of audiences the world over. This first ever biography also reveals: his early life in Nigeria; the secrets of his escape to Canada with actress Meg Tilly, the birth of their first son and his heartbreak as the relationship floundered; the passionate affair with 'Pride and Prejudice' co-star Jennifer Ehle; and his whirlwind romance with his Italian wife, Livia. Fascinating, revelatory and suffused with Firth's own dry wit, this is a must-read book on the man of the moment.


  1. "passionate affair wit Jennifer Ehle"? Really? I had no idea.

  2. "Passionate"? I doubt it. I love biographies, but they scare me a little. Sometimes I'm delighted by little treasures I find out about, but sometimes I find out things I DID NOT WANT TO KNOW (like Jimmy Stewart having a little fling with Marlene Dietrich . . . *gag*! Sorry.) Call me naive and old-fashioned; I just like my men-- even my actors--to have a strong moral compass. And those, in Hollywood, are few and far between. ;)

  3. @Anonymous
    I know what you mean. I like to believe that actors are as inspiring as the characters they portray.



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