Superheroes of Downton Abbey

You know that a series has become popular when spoofs of its characters begin to arise. Last week while watching the first episode of Downton Abbey, a reference was made to the fact that Bates was Lord Crawley's batman during the Boer War. "BATMAN", did you say?!

Well, someone at Quite So, Downton Abbey decided to create an image of Bates as Batman along with his trusty sidekick Robin (Lord Crawley).

The reference to Batman immediately made me think of how the plot hinges on the entail of Downton Abbey and I couldn't help but dub Matthew Crawley as the illustrious, caped crusader "ENTAILMAN".

It's a bird, it's a plane,... it's Entailman!!

Will he be able to save the day?
Will he be able to "smash" the entail?
(as alluded to by "Scene-Stealer")

SCENE-STEALER is the superhero moniker for the Dowager Duchess. Although, it sounds like the name of a villain, it simply refers to the ongoing antics (agreed by most viewers and cast members) of Dame Maggie Smith's witty one-liners and superbly-delivered lines that quite simply steal the scenes from her fellow Downton Abbey actors.

Now while Scene-Stealer is not the villain, what saga would be complete without someone to stir up trouble? Have no fear, we have a couple of those, most notably Thomas the first footman. But he's not just any footman, he's "FOOTMAN" the antagonist who stalks the hallways of both upstairs and downstairs, looking to step on anyone who dares to get in his way as he climbs the Downton ladder of success!

And FootMan does not operate alone. He can be found lurking in stairwells and plotting with his sidekick "TRIPPER". She's not averse to using whatever means necessary to maintain her pecking order within the house. Poor Bates the BATMAN, saw firsthand how devious she could be, when she exercised her tripping powers at the Duke's arrival. Batman might have lost that battle but we know the war's not over! And Tripper's also been known to use a bar of soap to ensure that her employer, Lady Cora, will not take her for granted.

Any more suggestions for other Downton superheroes? Perhaps Anna should be BATWOMAN to Bates' BATMAN? I think Lady Mary and Lady Edith deserve their own special names but not sure what they should be?

And yes, this is just a very silly post...


  1. this is hysterical! That made my night lol...thanks for all your newsy posts!

  2. Is no one else disappointed with this series?
    I started to watch it and was appalled by the gay footman and Duke and they showed them together! I wish movie makers would quit trying to make period films when the only thing period about them is the costumes and sets.
    I refuse to watch this series!

  3. Anon,
    You are not alone. I've heard from others who were hoping that Downton would be more "family friendly". Although there are elements of the series that I could do without, I found the 7 episodes to be an interesting look at life in Edwardian times. Sorry that you didn't enjoy it!

  4. Haaa!!! Loved this Cheryl. I think we can call Lady Edith "Modern Woman" but Lady Mary, hmmmmm...."Melodrama Girl?"
    Although occasionally OTT last night, I am loving this series and kind of glad I only watched the first episode on Youtube before it was yanked.
    By the way, cheers and clinking glasses for Colin. How long till we see him again at the Oscars? Yet another tux? Yum.

  5. Oh, no, I meant Lady Sybil was "Modern Woman". Lady Edith would be "Desperate Girl?"

  6. Perhaps Lady Mary should be "Femme Fatale" and Lady Edith could be "Cucumber" . Now, you ask, how did she get that one? Well, she is the middle of three sisters, "sandwiched" between Mary and Sibyl, and of course cucumber sandwiches are quinticentially British, are they not? I don't really know enough about Sibyl yet, but perhaps "Champion" should be included somewhere! Lots of Fun!

  7. Well yes, I am a little disappointed (gasp!) because so many of the events are just so familiar. Nearly every turn has been done before in other costume dramas and novels. The entail, the death of the Heir and his Spare, followed by the appearance of the less-than-satisfactory Heir from Nowhere. The Titanic sinking. Even, yes, the affair between the visiting lordling and the valet-on-the-make (see first season of Upstairs Downstairs, nearly 40 years ago). The butler with the secret.

    Nonetheless, it's all great fun and superb acting and characters and production values.

  8. Love it! Especially Entailman.

    Anon - I'm rather disappointed by "Downton", too. Most of the characters and plot lines seem lacking in originality or simply highly implausible and manufactured. Julian Fellowes set up several stories that had real potential, but didn't go anywhere with them (Mr. Pamuk's mysterious death, Thomas and O'Brien's plotting, etc). And it feels a little like the makers think it's very smart and clever, while it isn't much better than a soap opera (but not done properly, because real soap operas know how to milk an event for all its worth). Plus Fellowes seems to be supporting paternalism and the aristocracy's divine rights, without being upfront about his intentions. I still watched it, but mainly because I kept thinking it would eventually get good. Maggie Smith, of course, was enjoyable and if they had more of her she could have redeemed the show.

  9. One thing I have to say about Downton is that it's made me realize how many people are still offended by or uncomfortable with a homosexual kiss. There is nothing graphic in Downton Abbey. I understand if people don't want to see an explicit sex scene, but many people actually criticize the show for having a simple kiss. Heterosexuals kissing evokes no such reaction.

    I apologize for the little rant on your blog. I found this post quite hilarious.

  10. Elleoneiram,
    Thanks for your comment! Yes, you're right - the scene with Thomas and the Duke was not explicit and yet for some of us, it was not what we felt comfortable watching. The period dramas which remain my favourites are those that are family-friendly!

  11. Anna's alias could be Super Head Housemaid, Wonder woman, wonder maid, Ladies Maid.

    William gets in a fight with Footman Thomas, so he needs a superhero title too. How about Horse Man, Footman 2, The Pianist, The Musical Footman, Footloose?

    O'Brien could also be Lady's Maid, The Manipulator. I like the Tripper.

    Thomas could also be the Snuffbox Stealer and Wine Thief, or TroubleMaker, Mr. Mischief (or maybe Dr. Mischief?), The Bully.

    Gwen - Secretariat?, Candidate, Underhousemaid?

    Branson- Chaffeur, Driver, The Socialist, The Socialist not Revolutionary (Chauffeur)

    Daisy - Scullery Girl? Kitchen Maid, Patmore's Assistant
    Mrs. Patmore - General Mrs. Patmore, The Salty Blind Cook/Spy
    Carson - The Butler in his Butler's Pantry, The Head of Downstairs, Cheerful Charlie
    Mrs. Hughes - Mrs. House Keeper
    Mrs. Crawley - The Veteran Nurse, RN?, Mum, The Competitor
    Lady Cora - American Heiress In-Law, American Wife, The Doting Mother?, The Interloper, Lady of the House
    Lady Mary - Superior Eldest Sister? The Eldest, Virgin Mary?, The Surviver
    Lady Edith - Scheming Sister, The Middle Child, The Forgotten Daughter
    Lady Sybil - Sweet Sister, The Youngest, The Suffragette, The Rebel with a Cause, The Darling Daughter?, Passionate Politician?, Female Political Candidate?, New Debutante
    Lady Violet - Entail Smashing Granny
    Matthew Crawley - The Next Presumptive Heir of Downton?, The Interloper, Middle Class Cousin, The Bougeroise, The Weekender, The Future Earl
    Lord Robert - The Aristocrat, The Guardian, The Custodian, Lord Downton, The Wealthy $ Patron, The Pharaoh, The Estate Holder, The Rich Gentleman, The Head of Upstairs, The Earl
    Downton Abbey - The Dwelling, The Residence, Two World Orders, The British Aristocratic System (BAS), The Old English Establishment, aka Highclere Castle, military hospital

  12. Thomas could also be known as the Manipulator.
    Gwen - The Dreamer

  13. Mrs. Patmore - Generalissimo (as alluded to by Batmaid Anna)

  14. Lady Cora is the bodybagger



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