Looking for Anne (2009)

A Canadian-Japanese co-production with ties to Anne of Green Gables...

The contemporary tale follows the journey of Anne Lee, a young Japanese girl who visits P.E.I. to find her grandmother's first love, a Canadian soldier. In 1946, the soldier gave her grandmother a copy of [Anne of Green Gables] and the book changed her life, giving her the strength to go on. As Lee's quest goes along, she discovers why the book changed her grandmother's life and that of many other Japanese women.

Looking for Anne, a movie which opened in Japan in October 2009, shines a larger spotlight on the land of Anne than on the pigtailed heroine herself, says the executive producer.
"Anne is present but it is contemporary P.E.I. is what it is all about,'' said Claude Gagnon. He says the film, which was filmed "all over'' P.E.I., will offer movie goers a tempting smorgasbord of enticing venues. "The Island is absolutely gorgeous … with this movie, we were selling P.E.I. like crazy,'' he said.

The film is co-written by Gagnon's wife, Yuri Yoshimura, and Takako Miyahira, who has worked as an editor and assistant to Gagnon for several years. Yoshimura, who is responsible for bringing the Anne of Green Gables musical to Japan 11 years ago, has been longing to do a movie about Montgomery's spirited literary gem of a character.

Gagnon, who has lived in Japan for a decade, said the country's fascination for Anne dates back to 1952 when the Japanese translation was published. "We wanted to make an original story and we think we succeeded … I think it's a very feel-good movie,'' he said. Gagnon said test screenings in Japan garnered rave reviews with thumbs up coming from 95 per cent of those the audiences.
Source: P.E.I. Guardian

(Not to be confused with 'Looking for Anne', book by Irene Gammel)

The film is playing in Prince Edward Island as of January 7, 2011.

Thanks to Denise for mentioning!


  1. Your welcome, Cheryl :)

    It's playing here on PEI in Charlottetown on the 14th... i so want to go to it...

    thanks for putting that it had nothing to do with Irene Gammel's book Looking for Anne... i wasn't happy with that book... she thought of Anne in a way that was so not right and not needed.

  2. That little trailer for the film brought a tear to my eye!

  3. I love Anne of Green Gables - grew up watching the films and finally ordered the books on Amazon. They're due to arrive any day now!

    My aunt and I are planning to visit PEI this year so I should give this film to try to familiarise myself with the scenery. Thanks for the tip!

  4. That looks like such a beautiful movie! It brought a tear to my eyes too. I would love to see it.



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