Jane Austen Tea Series - Bingley's Teas Ltd.

I just discovered the various tea blends for the new Jane Austen Tea Series that are available from Bingley's Teas Limited, thanks to Austenprose who is currently offering a giveaway (until Jan.4th)!

I would love to sample all of these delightful teas and love how the company has matched the flavours to their respective namesakes!

Bingley's Blend
Mr. Bingley is a blend of traditional afternoon teas. Classic black and green teas together offer a Light/Medium body with notes of familiarity, sophistication and charm. Oh so affable!

Mr. Darcy
Like the man himself, this elegant, dark tea, grown in rich soil, with a bold beginning yet a smooth finish has a complexity of character that will leave you wishing to know more. Distinctive notes of leather, chestnut and plum in this well respected Da Hong Pao Oolong.

Miss Elizabeth
A black tea for her strong character, sassy cranberry, and blue mallow for her fine eyes, tempered with a sweetness and more as our heroine is unlike any other and most deserving of a very special blend!

Wicked Wickham
Dashing tart flavor with a candy like after taste in a humble white tea. A tea with so much charm it may lead you into temptation! The naturally withered, Pai Mu Tan White Tea and Pomegranate are both reported to have many anti-oxidant health benefits. Wicked Wickham, how bad could he be?

Mr. Collins
You may love him, you may find him odious. However, he is moral and of good character, which is good for you... Mellow and earthy, and in all honesty an aroma to wrinkle your nose, Pu-erh is a tea for your moral and physical health that is sought after by enthusiasts. Wrinkle your nose and enjoy this oddly produced tea of traditional and well respected standing in the tea community.

Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane, the beauty and allurement of the fine grade Jasmine Green and the natural sweetness of Vanilla with Premium Ceylon Black tea. An angelic combination. Is it any wonder Bingley fell for this Angel?

Compassion for Mrs. Bennett's Nerves
At last there is compassion for what poor Mrs. Bennett suffers with her nerves! A tisane of chamomile, peppermint, passion flower, rosehips, and lavender, sooth the most agitated of moments in a delicious cup.

Other teas include:
Emma's Perfect Match
Mr. Knightley's Reserve

Treasures from the Colonel

The Captain

Marianne's Wild Abandon

Longbourn Wedding Tea

The Patience of Miss Price


  1. These teas are so lovely! I can just imagine the delightful flavours and aromas that will unfold when you taste it!! X3

  2. Thanks for the shout out on the giveaway CB. The basket is awesome. I would love to try these teas also.

  3. How delightful! I love teas and these sound so yummy! I love the names! :)

  4. I wonder what JA herself would make of all this?!

  5. What a funny idea! And darn, now I really fancy a cuppa and it's 1am!!



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