Doctor Who Christmas Special 2010

"A Christmas Carol" is an upcoming episode of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who starring Matt Smith. It will feature Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins, who will be making her acting debut alongside veteran actor Michael Gambon.

From Doctor Who TV:
“It was a real privilege to work with Michael,” explains Matt. “I had a great time with him and he was really naughty! He’s so crafty and when I asked him about working with iconic actors such as Olivier and Bates he said the one thing they all had in common was they were naughty – and he’s exactly the same. He was very mischievous, constantly telling jokes and getting into the spirit of play.

“With Katherine I was astounded by her professionalism; considering it was her first acting experience I thought she handled it with real craft and diligence,” continues Matt. “It’s exactly the type of casting we want; someone fresh, exciting and new.”

But can Matt reveal anything about who they play and how they fit into the overall story…?

“Well,” chuckles Matt, “I can reveal that Michael plays a Scrooge-like miser but there’s a time-travelling twist to it all. To play an old grump there is no one better than Gambon. However, Michael also really makes you feel for this man and he can somehow turn himself into a little boy at times; he’s a very impressive actor.

“Katherine looks like a princess,” continues Matt, “and boy can she sing; the way she controls her voice and the grace with which she sings is quite incredible.”

BBC One - Dec 25 @ 7 p.m.
BBC America - Dec 25 @ 9 pm

This isn't the first "Doctor Who" to do a version of A Christmas Carol
David Tennant (He Knew He Was Right) and Catherine Tate did their own take...


  1. "David Tennant (He Knew He Was Right)"

    LOL, you credit the guy for some boring TV mini series he did ages ago and ignore Harry Potter, Hamlet, Casanova, Blackpool and just about everything else with far more screen-time and reach?

    Are you trying to make Matt Smith look a bit less incompetent? If yes, I don't think it'll work :-)

  2. Hi Ben,
    the reason that I cited that role for Tennant is because it's the ONLY period drama that I've actually seen him in and I find his character to be humorous compared to his other roles you've mentioned of which I've heard!

  3. Michael Gambon as Scrooge! Delightful! And I love Katherine Jenkins she one of my favorite singers!
    Haha! David Tennant is a hoot! I enjoyed him in 'He Knew He Was Right'. I started watching 'Casanova' once but I certainly wasn't prepared for the overt sexual references that were really over the top (imho). At least the Heath Ledger one had other kinds of humor. Thanks for posting these vids, they were fun! :)

  4. I can't even say how much I am looking forward to this :D

  5. We've got Xmas in Sweden this year, so we're going to have to record it and watch it when we get back home. Oh the wait! ... Then again, I much prefer having Xmas in Sweden anyway, so to tell the truth, I'm actually looking forward to seeing my family and having Xmas dinner with them more than I am anticipating a Dr. Who special. Shock horror, eh? ;)

  6. I am not a Dr. Who fan but I am a David Tennant fan and think the clip of him as ghost of Christmas Present is one of the most hilarious things I have EVER seen. I crack up every single time...I can basically recite it word for word! OOooooohhhh risotto risotto risotto!
    Thanks for the great big smile today Charleybrown!

  7. A *great* and useful blog!
    Too bad you did not (could not, on Worldpress?) "label" your posts by period the movie or TV series / program is set in. It would make search for, e.g., works in 18th C. so much more easier!

    Sincere compliments nonetheless: a *great* library to peruse.

  8. I can hardly wait!!!! Only thing that would be better would have been if 10 never had regenerated :(

  9. Thanks for your comments! I've not seen Doctor Who either except for clips here and there.

    Jean-Louis, I am hoping to organize the dramas by year somehow. Would have been easier if I had done it from the beginning!



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