Turn Back Time - The High Street (Edwardian Era)

BBC One: A group of shop-keeping families are transported back to the birth of the high street in the 1870s, and propelled through a century of change, right up to the modern era and the 1970s. This 6-part series began Nov 2 on BBC One. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville.

Episode synopsis from BBC: The butcher, the baker, the grocer and the ironmonger are joined by a dressmaker, and together they must provide a modern town with the exceptional service and luxuriant shop displays worthy of the Edwardians.

The baker's family find themselves running an Edwardian tea shop, while the butchers must sell game in all its gory glory to modern customers. The grocer has trained staff, but the challenge of creating an early 20th century wedding breakfast piles on the pressure.

All the shopkeepers struggle with maintaining standards, and it becomes clear that underneath its glossy veneer the Edwardian high street was a tough place for women and children. The arrival of call-up papers reminds the traders and the town of the terrible impact that World War One had on Britain's communities.

You might also want to check out the group of photographs on Flickr set up by the BBC "celebrating how the British high street has changed from Victorian times right through to the modern day. We’re looking for your ‘photos in photos’ showing how your local high street has changed – whether it’s in the last year or over the last 100 years. So dig out your old family photos – or go along to your local library photo archive – and get involved. "

Photo submitted by Lancaster County Council

The first episode in the series was set in Victorian times
while this episode is focused in the Edwardian era.

Here's part 1 of 4, click on the video to view parts 2 through 4 on Youtube.
(or watch it now on BBC's website for those in the U.K.)


  1. I've only watched this part but it's actually quite good! Very interesting. Definitely wish that this would happen to my city. ;) Much love to your blog. Added you to my BlogRoll!

  2. I'm not very enamored of this series. It's an awesome idea, but it just doesn't click with me. Based on the Victorian and Edwardian episodes, it comes off as more a typical reality TV competition in historical dress than a fun yet educational docu-drama like Edwardian Supersizers or The Edwardian Farm.

  3. Thanks oldeera!

    Evangeline, I've not seen either Edwardian Farm or Supersizers. And I've not yet had the chance to watch Turn Back Time but I did enjoy Edwardian Country House and 1900 House!



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