Treasure Island (2012)

Sky is filming a major adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic pirate novel, Treasure Island, with Eddie Izzard as Long John Silver and Philip Glenister cast as Captain Alexander Smollett.

The broadcaster wants to retell the coming-of-age tale in a modern, “muscular” way that will appeal to a broad family audience.

This is the first period drama by the network "with a Sky feeling of modernity,” a source said.

Phil Glenister, Rupert Penry-Jones, Donald Sutherland, Shirley Henderson, Elijah Wood
Keith Allen, David Harewood, Toby Regbo, Nina Sosanya, Daniel Mays

Elijah Wood - Ben Gunn
Donald Sutherland -Flint
Toby Regbo - Jim Hawkins
Shirley Henderson - Jim's mother
Nina Sosanya - wife of Long John Silver
Phil Glenister - Capt. Smollet
Rupert Penry-Jones - Squire Trelawney
Daniel Mays - Dr. Livesey
David Harewood & Keith Allen - pirates Bones & Pew

From The two part drama follows the story of Jim Hawkins who's unexpectedly drawn into the world of piracy when he discovers Flint’s treasure map. However, Long John Silver (Izzard) will stop at nothing to get hold of the gold for himself. As they set sail for Treasure Island, Jim embarks on an action adventure that will change his life forever.

With Silver preparing to lead a mutiny who will be the first to find Flint’s buried booty? Who will keep control of the ship? And who will leave the island alive?

Silver and Jim explore the true meaning of loyalty and betrayal as they battle it out for the treasure and ultimately their own survival.

Pyke commented: “I am thrilled that Sky drama is going on this extraordinary adventure to reinvigorate this classic story. With the unique and multi talented Eddie Izzard in the iconic role of Long John Silver, we’re set to deliver a hugely exciting, morally complex and compelling story of pirates, heroes, friendship and treachery. We’re delighted to be working with renowned producer Robert Halmi Sr. of RHI Entertainment in addition to, MNG Films, Parallel Films and Kindle Entertainment in what promises to be a stunning new production of a timeless family favourite."

According to "Filming is already underway in Ireland with locations in Cork and Dublin. The production moves to Puerto Rico after Christmas."



  1. Oooh how exciting! :D Eddie Izzard as a pirate ... that just seems ... RIGHT somehow. Will be a hoot to watch, I'm sure! Thanks for the info!

  2. Philip Glenister ought to be great as Captain Smollett...I wonder who else is in it? I hope they stick to the book and don't cast Jim too young again - and it would be wonderful if they were able to keep the violence in check so it would be really family-friendly.



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