The Sun Sets on Downton Abbey...

STOP! I do not wish to hear another word
uttered about Downton Abbey ending.

"The sun is rising behind Downton Abbey, a great and splendid house in a great and splendid park. So secure does it appear, that it seems as if the way of life it represents will last for another thousand years. It won’t."

As we prepare to watch the setting of the sun during the final episode of Downton Abbey, I can't help but feel a little sentimental in bidding adieu to the Crawley family and their servants. While it's comforting to know that we'll see them again next year for the second series, I know I'm not alone in loving this drama and not wishing it to end.

Julian Fellowes discusses the final episode of Downton Abbey (from Radio Times)
"The problem is: how to resolve the romance? This is never a problem in a play or feature film, because the story is contained in a single unit. At the end, Boy either Gets Girl or Loses Girl, and that's that. But a series, with its open-ended life, is much more complicated. So the final episode of Downton Abbey presented quite a challenge initially because, while we now know there will be a second series, we did not know it then and I was faced with having to resolve the stories sufficiently, if there would be no reappearance for the characters, but at the same time, keep a few loose ends in the air, just in case..."

Talking of Lady Mary, Julian said: "So in conclusion, I can only say that, like Pygmalion, I love my Galatea, and I only hope that some at least of the audience out there will feel the same."

Yes Julian! I know that for myself Mary was the most complex character
and I am still eager to see how she turns out in the end.

What about you? Who were your favourite characters?
What did you love about Downton Abbey?

~ Mary and Matthew ~

Mary and Edith brought a new definition to 'sibling rivalry'
I thought Mary's expression was priceless as she pretended to be pleased
with Sir Anthony's visit but it was Edith who got the last laugh

~ Sweet and idealistic Sybil ~

Loved the uneasy alliance between Lady Cora & the Dowager Countess

The initial meeting of Mrs. Crawley and the Dowager Countess
Mrs. Crawley: You may not know it but I believe the committee feel obliged
to give you the cup for the best bloom as a kind of local tradition.
Dowager Countess: No, I do not know that. I thought I usually won the prize for best bloom
in the village because my gardner had grown the best bloom in the village!

Pleased to see the love that grew out of an arranged marriage
for Lord and Lady Grantham

~ Bates and Anna ~

They made my blood boil but Downton wouldn't have
been the same without O'Brien and Thomas

Liked to see Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes take their responsibilities to heart
and how they cared for all the members of the household
Carson consoling Mary

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Bates

Such sweet and endearing characters: William and Daisy

Looking back at the Crawleys...

Have I said before how much I love the period costumes?! ...

(Awesome fan video that sums up series)



  1. Fantastic post! I love far too much about Downton Abbey to list here. The writing is superb, characters wonderfully played out, costumes to die for...oh and the location! If I had to pick one thing - it would have to be the Dowager Countess, she is quite fabulous. x

  2. This is such a great post. You captured the best parts of the series very well. I love Mary as well - she may be my favorite character. Michelle Dockery is doing such a fabulous job playing her.

    And I totally agree on O'Brien and Thomas - I hate them, but the series needs them!

    So sad that we'll have to wait a full year for it to come back :( I hope whoever uploads it today will upload it fast!

  3. Its really sad Downton Abbey ending.
    I really love the serie, my favorite characters are Lady Sybil, William and Daisy, they are so sweet and naive.


  4. Oh, poor Edith. Even I don't feel she deserved such a comeuppance.
    Favs: Bates and Lord Grantham.

  5. Without a doubt:Lady Mary. She's the heart and soul of Downton, and I do believe the story was written for her (or for a lady in honor of her).

    I have no words to adequately express what I think of Michelle Dockery's performance, but I think "genius" might come close. She couldn't have done a better job of bringing out the complexity and pathos of this character.

    I am still rooting for Lady Mary and Cousin Matthew for the second series.

  6. Thanks so much for all of these wonderful Downton posts! I have no idea how I am going to make it to the next series...have they announced when it will air yet? Also, in the last few episodes I found that I really started to get interested in the relationship between Sybil and the chauffeur, Branson. I can't wait to see where Fellows goes with that! They're kind of being overshadowed by Mary and Matthew at the moment (and rightly so!), but I'm super excited to see more of them next year! Gahh and I'm already freaking out about who's going to be heading off to war and who's going to be excited!

  7. I finally saw an ad for this drama on PBS last night. I am so looking forward to seeing it! But they didn't give a date, just said coming soon!
    You must have been watching this online, CB. Am I right?

  8. I was so excited to see a Downton Abbey preview after Sherlock on PBS last night - though they didn't mention a date it looks like Downton will kick off the Masterpiece Classic 2011 season. Can't wait!

  9. I'm only just starting to warm towards Mary, since I don't think her vulnerabilities have been properly fleshed out and her development has been too rushed.

    I felt the entire romance between her and Matthew was too rushed and not believable at all as well.

    Michelle Dockery has done a great job with what she can though.

    My favorite characters are Sybil, Bates, Anna and Cora. I think Elizabeth McGovern is probably a standout for me in the show. I don't know why but I think she's captured the spirit of her character the best.

  10. What a wonderful the Poms to do them so brilliantly. All the characters are so riveting to watch and I`m happy that the series will continue as we fall more and more in love the DA residents.Just when you`d like to hate O`Brien for doing such an awful thing , you feel sorry for her as she now has to live with that horrible deed. Her posture by the end of last night was so sad.... Thomas as these things go will turn out more twisted than he is right now after seeing firsthand the horrors of war.

    ITA that Mary & Matthew`s romance evolved too quickly to get me rellay invested and nothing like a war angst to mak ethe path to true love interesting. I always felt that Matthew lacked a bit of backbone where Mary was concerned.

    Lord & Lady Grantham are such a lovely couple to watch an dhas great chemistry as does Matthew mother and Violet...they hilarious:)

    Other fave pairings...
    who does not love Anna & Bates ....loved Bates answer to the other butler about "being keen on Anna"...
    Carson & Mrs Hughes have a great partnership and I love convos.
    However ship between Sybil and Branson is the one I look forward to the much possibilities and I just loved how Mrs Hughes imparted some motherly advice to Branson...

    Great show!

  11. I was so sad to see this end, especially with no resolution between Mary and Matthew. It's very hard to pick favourite characters, but I loved the relationships between the Earl (am I the only one to find him handsome?)and his wife, the dowager countess and Mrs Crowly, Mary and Edith, Mary and Matthew, and I could go on but I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.
    I love this blog, by the way, though I never commented before. Nice work on keeping us on track with all these wonderful period films :)

  12. Thanks for your replies everyone! So glad to hear that others have enjoyed it just as much!

    gyulyana, thanks for your comment! Plenty of dramas for us to pursue it seems!

  13. The script was exquisite , the costumes beautiful and the location breathtaking, but what I loved most about this series were the people. There is such a wide range of personalities, all so well developed through all of the 7 episodes, that I was simply stunned. WOW! Of course, like Mr.Carson pointed out to Mary, everyone has his favorites (even a butler he would add) and as much as I liked Mary and her fights with herself, Matthew and his righteousness, I must say I LOVED Sybil. Unlike Edith and Mary, she is concerned about far more than clothes and marriage. She has strong beliefs and a fervent passion for politics, she supports women's rights and does not let etiquette chain her down. Oh, and of course there's her wonderful sweet sweet relationship with Branson. Weren't they just heart melting in the last episode, their fingers entwined?
    But the shadow of war has been cast upon Downton Abbey and what will happen now? What a cliffhanger! I literally CANNOT wait for season 2 (please don't kill Branson, please!)

  14. Elena, I heartily agree! Sybil was one of my faves too!

  15. I love Lady Cora and Bates the valet. Those are my favorites, but I really like them all as actors and they are telling a wonderful story!! Can't wait until this Fall for more and a Christmas special. So excited!! I will actually support PBS for this series. LOVE IT!!!

  16. Edith is an evil witch! I hope Mary spills the beans to her mother about Edith's letter to the Turkish Ambassador and Edith gets sent to a convent or some other dreary fate. She deserves no less.

  17. Great series. I'm currently obsessed with Downton Abbey. Mary is my fave character and I really want her and Matthew to get together. Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess is fantastic and all the characters are great, even the servants esp. Anna, William and Daisy. Thomas and O'Brien are evil but worth it as characters. I also love Sybil, but cannot stand Edith. Anything bad that happens to her...she has it coming!

  18. Completely agree!



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