Richard Armitage - May 30, 2010

For those of you who are fans of Richard Armitage, here are some videos and interviews that he's done lately. Five tidbits about an actor that has captured the hearts of countless women around the globe!

Listen to audio interview with Richard regarding Hollywood, his suggestion for a Spooks film and ongoing plans for Richard III - f
ound thanks to @RA_central @RAnetdotcom

#TWO Article on Crinkles in UK's Reader's Digest, check out the entire magazine article graciously scanned for us at

#THREE Vicki Power (Mirror) had the chance to interview Richard:
‘I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn’t grown into’


You were filming in South Africa for five months. What was that like?

RA: We had a great time, although it was so hot it felt like you were in an oven. We filmed in a poor black township outside Pretoria that everybody told us was dangerous, but we’d often play football with the kids. Once we didn’t have anywhere to change and one of the locals said, ‘Come to my house.’ It was a tin shack, but it was spotlessly clean. You can’t believe it’s somebody’s home. It was so humbling.

Speaking of which, how’s your love life?
Unfortunately, my love life is nil. I’m not in a relationship any longer – I’m working too much – but I would like to settle down at some point. That’s probably why I’m going to LA soon, when I’m not tied down. I feel like if you don’t try LA, then people will think you’ve failed.

Do you want a family?
Yes, I’d like a wife and family. I spend so much time with my brother’s little boy, Abe, who’s coming up to five, and he’s so hilarious. Playing a father in Strike Back has really resonated with me, although I can’t believe I’m starting to get cast with teenage daughters! I’m quite relieved I don’t have that responsibility in real life, but I look around and my fellow actors are having babies and I’m envious. One day, one day.

But you’ll turn 40 next year. Isn’t about time you gave it some thought?
Yes. That’s part of the problem, isn’t it, because I still feel like I’m 25 in my head. I always thought when I got to 40 it would be OK because I’d feel 40, but I don’t.

Read entire interview at

#FOUR: a Youtube Search Story
"November 2004: BBC unwittingly creates an army..."

#FIVE Strike Back/John Porter/Richard Armitage Video by Heathdances
(great video as always!)


  1. I just love Heather's new vid and this new interview in the Mirror... lovely! Thanks for the link to the audio interview! Great!
    Are you starting an RA Sunday event? It'd be nice!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Big Hug

  2. Thanks for this! I love Richard Armitage!

  3. Thanks for this. There was also a good article in the UK version of Reader's Digest. I don't know if it's available online.

  4. MG, I think I'll leave the tributes to people like yourself who really follow Richard. I still am just an N&S gal! That and Dibley are the only things I've seen of his believe it or not!

    Aleksandra, you're welcome!

    Elizabeth Kerri, thanks for mentioning that. I've added the RD article to the post :)

  5. Actually since I had 4 things posted, I thought 5 was a better rounded number and added another video that googles the phenomenon created by a certain Mr. A :)

  6. Funny - the audio interview was one I was reading somewhere else earlier tonight! I was a little confused by what I read (how it was written), but it's much clearer when listening to the interview. Thanks for sharing! :)



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