BBC cancels 2 projects in the works

Andrew Davies, (writer behind the BBC's award-winning Bleak House, Little Dorrit and Pride and Prejudice,) said the corporation is interested only in the "popular warhorses" of literary fiction.

His planned adaptations of Dombey and Son, one of Charles Dickens' lesser-read stories, and of the Palliser novels by Anthony Trollope, were both scrapped. Instead, the BBC has asked for yet another adaptation of David Copperfield.

I have to say I'm disappointed in this news. I had assumed that when we heard that Davies was working on both of those adaptations that he had already received the green light from the BBC. I don't know that we need another Copperfield? I'm hoping that Middlemarch is still going ahead??

read article at Daily Telegraph


  1. Oh bother!! Stupid BBC!! Stop making David Copperfields and Emmas. In fact, Auntie Beeb, just give Dickens and Austen a break and make some adaptations of Anne Bronte, Fanny Burney, and some lesser-known authors.

    Stupid BBC. . . >:(

  2. What a disappointment! I thought the BBC was better than that. I am excited by the prospect of a new version of 'David Copperfield' but there's no reason not to give 'Dombey and Son' a chance. I'm not familiar with the Trollope novels, but I would have loved to see a movie version. Pooh. :(

  3. Oh this is so depressing. I read about a year ago, right before Little Dorrit aired in the US, that this was the planned direction for the BBC. I guess the thinking is that costume dramas are too expensive...? Or maybe, just maybe, if they quit remaking the same stories ALL THE TIME and gave fresh adaptations of lesser known authors, they'd be surprised at the response they'd get. I am holding out the slight hope that whatever costume dramas they do produce will do so well that somewhere down the road they'd realize that there's an audience for this material.

  4. I'd read about this elsewhere but hadn't seen that Daily Telegraph article - thanks, Charley. I agree it is a pity that these two adaptations have been scrapped - let's hope we don't have to wait too long for some new "bonnets"! Judy

  5. I'm still waiting for a film version of Lady Susan, or a completed Sanditon, or a completed The Watsons.

    Then, there's still Gaskell's Cousin Phillis and Sylvia's Lovers, neither of which have adapted.

    I think they're shooting themselves in the foot with another Copperfield.

  6. I must say I've loved BBC in the last few years quite a lot. They gave me the opportunity to enjoy some of my favourite shows and series. CRANFORD was my big love, and I can't wait to see the XMAS special, I also love the magical charm of MERLIN, and I've also fallen in love with BEING HUMAN, which is not a period show but possesses the most adorable cast and refreshing mix of humour and thriller.

  7. I recall the BBC saying they were going to do less Bonnet dramas. However, I assumed that these 2 projects had already been given the go-ahead so were not considered in the "cancelled" category. And they indicated that they wanted to cover other areas other than regency but I agree with those who've said they have plenty to choose from besides Austen and Dickens! And really?! why must they persist with something as overdone as Copperfield, that really gets my goat. Bear in mind though, that when it comes out, I'll be eager to hear the details but shouldn't they consult us about what we want to see? Argh.

  8. Bummer.
    I'd really like to see something new that hasn't been adapted a million times already.
    I enjoy your blog because there are so many suggestions here that I haven't heard of before. I recently watched "Wives & Daughters" after reading one of your posts & enjoyed it. "Cranford" is next on my list.
    Thanks! ~Natalie

  9. Natalie, while I've been dismayed by BBC, I'm delighted that you watched W&D! and will get to see the wonderful Cranford! especially as the sequel will be airing before we know it! Yep, N&S, W&D and Cranford - triple home run!!

  10. I love the BBC but I'm surprised they wouldn't adapt Dombey and Sons. Hopefully it's just a temporary no and they will adapt it later. ;)



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