Lost in Austen - Caps and quotes (Episode 2)

screencaps courtesy of angelfish icons

After Amanda sings Downtown, Bingley responds
"whenever life is gettin' ME down, I shall be sure to go downtown"

Amanda to Wickham: “Oh No! You keep away from me Wickham, I know you”.
Wickham: “But, Madam, I haven’t had the pleasure…”
Amanda: “Get used to that.”

First look at Mr Collins...

Mrs Bennett (thrilled that Mr Collins is staying a fortnight): We are so fortunate Mr Bennett.
Mr Bennett, exaggerated: Indeed. The Lord has smiled upon us! (then downs his glass of wine)

Mrs Bennett then talks to her daughters of being cordial to Mr Collins
with "sufficient sufficiency"

Collins kisses Jane's glove and says "I would kiss your every garment"

Mr Collins: You bring Miss Lucas to lend you the courage to tell me this! (weird snicker)
Amanda: I brought her because ....no, no, no, what?! No, the person I'm talking about is --
Mr Collins: Lady Catherine urged me to seek out spirit. "Seek out spirit Mr Collins" she cried!
Amanda: The person I'm talking about is Charlotte Lucas.
Mr Collins: But she's not the person of whom I speak...Miss Price. (sniffs fingers)
(and thus the happy couple pictured above)

Jane: Mr Collins was poised to make me an offer that would save my father and--
Amanda: I know exactly how it looks but believe me that isn't how it is.
Jane: Lady Ambrosia looks, sounds and smells like a pig. When the time comes I daresay she shall taste like a pig. (looks directly at Amanda) I call her a pig.

Mr Collins informs Amanda: Lady Catherine could not entertain a union in which the dowry was founded on fruits of the sea! The disciplines episcopal, if I might peek a little into my own future and piscatorial could never combine with propriety. You understand!!
Amanda: No...
Mr Collins: A man marked for a bishop's ring could never marry the daughter of a fishmongerrrr! It will not do!
...Upon realizing that Wickham is spreading the rumour, Amanda blurts out: You little tinker!

and a moment later...
Amanda Price to Darcy, "you're throwing me out for kneeing Collins in the balls?"

I love this scene with Jane and her father

Remember the last romantic scene in Pride and Prejudice?
This is not it!

Amanda to Darcy: You're better than this. I know you are 'cause I've had you in my head Fitzwilliam Darcy since I was 12 years old. So why are you behaving like such a total ...git? Jane has no money. So what? Bingley's got stacks! What right have you to trash their love because of an accident of birth?
Darcy: There is no accident in birth.
Amanda: Do you know why I'm so angry?
Darcy: You were born thus.
Amanda: I've been in love with your life for 14 years. Cut my heart out Darcy, it's your name written on it with Elizabeth's. God Almighty, here you are...one half of the greatest love story ever told! You! and you know what, you don't deserve her--

After Darcy stomps off, Amanda thinks aloud: If I dream about him tonight, I shall be really angry....I'm going to dream about him...Well, I hope in my dream, you choke!

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  1. I do love this series. But since I'm located in Sweden and therefore are not able to watch it on TV I’ve had to get it online. I'm definitely going to buy it though - when the DVD has been released over here.

  2. wow, your site is so much better than the itv one! thanks:)

  3. Beautiful screen caps. I am enjoying this zany film thus far and can't wait to see Episode Four. Glad to know you like it too.

  4. Yes I am having fun with this one! And that's why I'm still awake now - I'm trying to catch the bits of episode 4 as they get uploaded by my friend in Britain!

  5. Here via Austenblog (and I agree 100% with the comments you left there) - I am a big period drama fan and I really like your blog, very cool!

    Best, LNH



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