The Sound of Music - the Real Maria

The Sound of Music is one of my all-time favourite movies and I loved seeing Julie Andrews in the role of Maria von Trapp. My parents introduced us to this great movie which is based on a true life story. Over the years I became familiar with Maria's own account which is inspiring and differs slightly from the film version.

I loved reading her book. I found out just how feisty Maria could be as well as being inspired by her deep faith. For anyone who is a fan of the film, I strongly recommend reading her autobiography.

The Story of the von Trapp Family Singers
Read Maria's own account of her life's story.
It's heartwarming, funny and inspirational!

My favourite part of the book
was reading about how the Captain and Maria actually came to be married: The children came to love Maria very much. They are the ones who approached their father to find out if he would be willing to marry her. The Baron replied, 'But I don't even know if she likes me!' The children then went to Maria to subtly find out her feelings for the Baron. She told them that she cared for the Baron very much.

They went back to their father and told him that she loved the Baron and would be willing to marry him. The Baron then approached Maria and said, My children told me that you loved me and we should be married. Maria replied, "I cannot marry you and become a nun at the same time." Maria went back to her Mother Superior to ask her what she should do. After many hours of quite prayer and contemplation, Maria went back to the Baron and tearfully said, "Mother Superior told me that I have to marry you."

Thankfully it all turned out in the end and Maria and her Georges married in 1927 and were devoted to each other until his death in 1947. They had 3 more children together to add to the 7 children from his first marriage.
Another difference from the movie is that instead of the fictional Max Detweiler (the pushy music promoter), the von Trapps' priest, the Reverend Franz Wasner, acted as their musical director for over 20 years.
I loved Max in the movie and I loved reading about their devoted friend Fr. Wasner in the book...

A view of the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont

The children of
Georges and Agathe von Trapp

Oldest to youngest
Rupert born in 1911
Agathe born in 1913
Maria born in 1914
Werner (1915-2007)
Hedwig (1917-1972)
Johanna (1919-1994)
Martina (1921-1951)

* Leisl played by Charman Carr represents Agathe von Trapp
* Frederick played by Nicholas Hammond represents Rupert von Trapp
* Louisa played by Heather Menzies Urich represents Maria von Trapp,(daughter of the Captain and Agathe)
* Kurt played by Duane Chase represents Werner von Trapp
* Brigita played by Angela Cartwright Gullion represents Hedwig von Trapp
* Martha played by Debbie Larson represents Johanna von Trapp
* Gretl played by Kim Karath represents Martina von Trapp

The next generation...

The von Trapp Children
The great-grandchildren of Captain von Trapp continue the singing tradition.
Sofia, Melanie, Amanda, and Justin are the grandchildren of Werner (Kurt in film).

video of the original Sound of Music movie from 1958

Trapp Family Singers (site with their albums)

Movie vs. Reality:
The Real Story of the von Trapp Family

(Read more about the real Maria,
updates on child actors from film, etc)

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  1. I am a HUGE Sound of Music fan, and an even bigger fan of the real-life family and their story! I am GREEN WITH ENVY that you got to meet Maria von Trapp!!!!! I only wish I'd developed this interest a lot sooner so it might have been possible for me to have met her! She died in 1987, though. However, I have been able to communicate with her granddaughter, wonderful singer/songwriter Elisabeth von Trapp, and have seen her in concert a few times and will be seeing her again in two weeks in Georgia.

    Love your page and pictures! Glad to meet another fan!




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