Wallis and Edward

Joely Richardson and Stephen Campbell Moore star as the infamous star-crossed lovers, Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII. Because of their romance, Edward shockingly became the only British monarch in history to resign voluntarily. Wallis & Edward is the first scripted account of the romance from Wallis Simpson's point of view.

Wallis and Edward's story begins in 1931, when Edward, Prince of Wales, meets Wallis, the wife of Ernest Simpson, at a fashionable party. He is instantly infatuated by Wallis and invites the Simpsons everywhere, if only to get closer to Wallis. Being pursued leaves Wallis in an awkward position, but her husband, who fully understands Edward's intent, loves the limelight and luxury that comes with being friends with royalty. Wallis remains true to her husband but, when Ernest leaves her for another woman, Wallis finally becomes Edward's mistress.

In 1936, when Edward becomes king after the death of his father, the establishment demands that he leave Wallis. The outspoken, twice-divorced American is an unsuitable match for the King of England. When Edward refuses to give her up, even for the throne, a bitter struggle begins. Obligated from the day he was born to his empire and lineage, his resistance is seen as a ridiculous, selfish weakness - one that simultaneously baffles and infuriates his family and others in power.

As pressure mounts, the Royal Family, the press and the British people demonize Wallis. She begs Edward to remain King, and tells him of her plan to quietly leave the country - disappear for the benefit of everyone involved. Edward refuses, threatening his own life. On December 10, 1936, Edward renounces "the throne for myself and my descendants" in favor of his heart and the woman he loves, becoming the Duke of Windsor.

When Wallis and Edward are finally married in France, not a single member of the Royal Family attends their wedding. They remain in exile from their homeland and forcibly distant from the Windsor family for the remainder of their lives.


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